Is this how you celebrate Christmas? Woolworths thinks it is

Forget about celebrity chefs, super cheap prices and specials ads – Woolworths’ new ad is all about you… or is

Forget about celebrity chefs, super cheap prices and specials ads – Woolworths’ new ad is all about you… or is it?

Christmas time is nigh and with it comes the influx of ads purporting happy families and elaborate Christmas lunches and dinners.

Woolworths have chosen to scrap their usual marketing campaigns to bring in six “real” Aussie families for their latest ads.

The ads show these families enjoying the traditional Christmas at home and share recipes from glazed ham and mango mousse to fish curry and barbecue prawns.

Interestingly, Woolworths has launched the Christmas campaign on social media, rather than via our TVs, and it’s working. So far the first Facebook has had more than 1 million views, and Woolworths captioned it: “What makes your Christmas famous? This year we’ve asked real families to share their Christmas stories, dishes and traditions that come together to make Christmas special”.

The TV commercials are expected to air on Sunday night, reports SMH.

Woolworths director of supermarkets marketing Andrew Hicks said in a statement, “Every family has a tradition and is famous for something, whether it’s your glazed ham, barbecue prawns or taking a nap after lunch,” Mr Hicks said. “This year we spent time with families and friends famous for making Christmas special in their own way.

“Our families aren’t actors, they’re real people with real dishes and some really interesting and endearing Christmas stories, rich in family values and tradition. Nothing was scripted.  We captured them in their homes as they all made their very own famous recipes.”

Each family’s recipes and ingredients will be put on the supermarket’s website, however it remains to be seen if customers will take it upon themselves to use these for their own celebrations – Woolworths hasn’t exactly had an easy time with their campaigns of late.

Coles on the other hand have also launched their new Christmas campaign, which stars celebrity chef Curtis Stone and other “real” families cooking their favourite Christmas dishes.


Take a look at the ad below and tell us, is this how you’ll be spending Christmas? 

  1. We all know that any commercial advertising campaign is designed with one objective and that is to generate sales. The successful ads achieve this by being honest and depict scenarios that people can relate to. The problem is to create an ad that appeals to the majority. Most ads fail because they simply do not depict a true to life situation and go way over the top in a futile attempt to appeal to all and sundry. As for Woolie’s and Coles Xmas ads; neither do much for me and I suspect most would agree that how we celebrate Xmas and where we spend our dollars won’t be influenced by ads that claim to be “All about you.”

  2. Under the trees camping beside the mighty Murray, with family, and camp food, seafood, chicken and salads, it’s not the food at Christmas or even presents, it’s being with loved ones.

  3. I love Christmas. Normally we have 14 for Christmas Day, nowadays at our son or daughter’s home. This year though there are only 7 as the others will be overseas. We have a few traditions like Grandpa “Santa”, home made bonbons with special surprises inside and party games. I shop around for ingredients, following the specials but this year I have already bought a few goodies from Aldi, and will buy my ham and lobster tails there. Yum! Can’t wait!

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