Is this Clive Palmer’s biggest, boldest claim yet?

Clive Palmer has never been shy about saying what’s on his mind. Whether you love him or hate him or

Clive Palmer has never been shy about saying what’s on his mind. Whether you love him or hate him or love to hate him, there’s always huge entertainment value in seeing what he has to say.

But this time around, he may have made his biggest claim yet: taking credit for the downfall of the Abbott government.

In a recent interview with the ABC, Palmer dropped the following controversial quote:
“We’d still have Tony Abbott as Prime Minister if it wasn’t for the Palmer United Party”.

He listed the party’s role in stopping the 2014 budget as a major triumph, without which “we’d have higher university fees, we’d have had the co-payment, we’d have lost the Climate Change Authority, we’d have lost the Clean Energy Corporation… we wouldn’t have freed 30,000 people for dention… where would we be?”

When asked to clarify if he was, in fact, taking credit for the change of government, he only backtracked a little:

“I would say that the 2014 budget, the stand we took in the Senate that made a difference for this country, certainly played a view in the downfall of the Abbott government,” he said.

Of course, this is far from the first time he’s shared a bold opinion. Last year he caught some serious heat for calling the Chinese government “mongrels” on Q&A.

And back in 2012, perhaps most memorably of all, he suggested – seemingly apropos of nothing – that the CIA was funding a campaign to attack the Australian coal industry, and that the Greens were a tool of the US government.

This time around, his claims are certainly grounded a little more in reality. But while the Palmer United Party certainly played a role in Tony Abbott’s change in fortunes, we’ll never know for sure if it truly was as instrumental a role as Palmer would have you believe.

Should we be thanking Clive Palmer for overthrowing the Abbott government? 

  1. I think Tony Abbott was the cause of his own destruction , if he been a leader that was accepted by taxpaying voters in Australia , he will still be PM but to many broken promises and lies caused his demise and his refusal to even admit to it

  2. Clive is smart man he knows Australia’s relief at having Abbott gone and he is trying to cash in on it to get votes at the next election.

  3. Hopefully his party will disappear without trace after the next series of House and Senate elections. Abbott self-destructed, Palmer was purely coincidental.

  4. As my local member, he is a total embarrassment to this electorate, can’t wait for the next election when he’ll be gone – goodbye Clive

    • NO!!! Not a thing Stephen. He doesn’t even reply to phone calls, emails or letters from his constituents . He is never in his office or ever seen in his electorate of Fairfax!!

    • & doesn’t think he needs to turn up to parliamentary sessions either. Said he has ‘people to do that for him’ even though they’ve all abandoned him, except for one.

  5. Clive’s the only politician who hasn’t got his snout in the trough
    Clive pays his own way
    He donates his salary to charity
    Judge the man by that
    Not his personality

    All those other bastards have
    They are screwing us each and every day
    Wake up
    Wake up !!!

    • Ummm, No he isn’t. Our current PM lives in his own home, pays for his own electricity, gas etc. He uses Kirribilli House for formal functions only.

      • Jan  

        Didn’t see him donate his salary! Millionaires like him want power and more money.
        Good luck to him but at least govern for all Australians not just his millionaire mates.

    • Anne Mitchell Surely the taxpayer pays for the security at Malcolms private home? And isn’t The Lodge the official residence of our P.M.?

    • True Arthur, I agree. He is not as bad as some we could name, I don’t think I have enough time to name them all.

    • Murdoch’s press is doing a pretty good job of keeping the people from really knowing what Clive is about.

    • How do you know that he donates his salary? Remember the four war widow pensioners in his Electorate who spent their $15 each Frida morning on a shared taxi , a movie and a coffee and chocolate afterwards, here in the Sunshine Coast, well THEY DIDNT EXIST! So would you believe everything that he spouts. I think not!!

    • Fran Matlocks
      Desperate to get something on Clive
      Clive donates his Parliamentary salary to charities and businesses in the electorate of Fairfax
      It’s there for all to see on the website

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