Is this change to the ABC a slap in the face for viewers?

It’s been a big year for the ABC, with cuts to staffing despite Tony Abbott swearing blind that none would

It’s been a big year for the ABC, with cuts to staffing despite Tony Abbott swearing blind that none would occur. And now ABC’s new Managing Director Michelle Guthrie has made some bold statements about whether the national broadcaster will start advertising.

The ABC is renowned for its lack of cheesy advertising – it’s a reprieve from the commercial channels, but alas Ms Guthrie has refused to rule out going towards the dark side.

In an interview yesterday morning with ABC News 24 Guthrie said: ““It is important on an overall basis in budget-constrained times to really look at all options around monetisation.

“Even internationally the Australia Plus channel does carry advertising, so internationally we already have that example – but as I said it is too early to be making any definitive pronouncements.

“The current ABC charter talks about the restrictions in which we operate or the environment in which we operate and I’ll continue to work within that charter and also in terms of what the audience really desires,” she said, reports B&T magazine.

Right now it’s not clear what advertising format the ABC would have but it is worrying for many.

On ABC News 24’s Facebook post with the full interview, one commenter said, “Soon Murdoch will have complete control of all Australia’s news sources”, while another said bluntly, “This sounds like the end of ABC”.

Or as one clever commenter pointed out: “The irony of taxpayer’s money paying for a person who intends to privatise a public service”.

Guthrie is the ABC’s first female boss in the broadcaster’s 83 year history.

Also in the interview, the new MD said the ABC was a “truly independent broadcaster” and she was looking forward to bringing her diverse experience to the channel.

From the looks of things, many long-time ABC diehards don’t want a change as big as it could be, but we want to know your thoughts – would you be OK with the ABC running ads whether it was on the TV or radio?

Watch the full interview:

Incoming ABC Managing Director, Michelle Guthrie, and News 24’s Joe O’Brien discuss the ABC’s future.Watch the full interview:

Posted by ABC News 24 on Sunday, 20 December 2015

  1. I don’t enjoy abc viewing as much anymore a lot of arts programmes are not on just repeats and lower brow shows up your game abc back to where you left off after gov cutbacks

  2. I didn’t read it but I bet its about advertising. I would be ok with it provided they don’t break into what I am watching. They advertise their shows during program changes anyway.

  3. The government is really determined to destroy the ABC. I’d still watch the ABC because it’s the most reliable unbiased news source in the country. I’d pre-record any of their other shows that I want to watch, in the same way I do for the commercial channels.

    • Wayne, look it up. It’s been proven time and time again. The problem is that most people are brainwashed by the Murdoch and Fox media and wouldn’t know unbiased journalism if it bit them.

    • Last time it was “proven”, it was by a previous manager & one of the most left leaning journos ever to hit our airwaves. ” Unbiased ” and ABC do not play well together!

    • If the ABC is unbiased how come it fades out when Labor are speaking?. How come normal shows stop because one of the almighty Liars are going to make a speech? The ABC is already leaning to passify the Liberal sharks surrounding it. This new appointment will make it even worse for everyday people. We will have to resort to Facebook pages like Get Up and a few more like them.

    • Did any of you see Lee Sales interview Bill Shorten last week? She put him through the wringer, like she does with others. We are all a bit biased personally, but the ABC is pretty impartial in its broadcasting. I will continue to watch the ABC as, hopefully, if they have to resort to advertising, then it won’t be as bad as the other channels.

    • You’re saying because I don’t agree with you that I am biased? So sue me for having morals.

    • Rob Mcgrath Hahahahahahahaha!!!

      Demonstrating your own bias and complete lack of logic! Kudos!

    • Ken McLennan So you don’t watch Media Watch then. You know, the one where the ABC shows the errors and bias’s of all Australian newspapers and TV stations including the ABC and SBS. How then are you in a position to criticize the ABC when you don’t watch the very thing you’re talking about?

  4. The cutbacks that have occurred already have seen an end to broadcasting of some women’s sport and local football. Not every viewer lives in Sydney or Melbourne. If the ABC relies on advertising revenue its independence is lost. After all they could not do an expose like the story on 7eleven underpaying staff if that organisation were an advertiser. It is the selection of programs that would determine if I watch. The ABC has been too good at what it does for the likes of Murdoch and the Libs will see it destroyed to benefit their mate. It would be a shame to see their kids channels awash with ads.

    • Agree whole-heartedly! Look what happened when the lawyers tried to get their ad on radio for the class action case against VW- no radio station would take their money and broadcast it for fear of losing their VW accounts.

    • Cut backs – this leach take one billion dollars of tax payers money. I wouldn’t give them a cent

    • Joe Rudzyn I take it you don’t watch them, don’t have kids that watch ABC Kids shows, or live in a rural area. You just keep listening to Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones and the like and keep reading the gospel by Rupert Murdoch. It is staggering the number of people who scream about ABC bias but don’t actually watch it. The ABC talks real science, researches issues not just sprout paid for anti climate change garbage from your nutcase right wing commentators. Too intellectual for you probably all those intelligent people talking real issues.

    • Some one has to keep Murdoch and the other parasites in check.Some one has to tell the truth, not what we see and hear on radio and commercial TV.

  5. Michelle Guthrie was appointed by The Liberals and is a Liberal to destroy the ABC. I watch the ABC regularly, and if this woman tampers with it as I am sure she will do, I will do as many other Aussie’s will do and switch off and that is probably what they want.

  6. If it stops federal funding of this Labor left wing broadcaster, Im all for it.

    • :Lets stop Federal funding of this Liberal right wing sprouting Grattan Institute too. Surely BHP Billiton’s huge contribution is enough to sprout suitable advice for the filthy rich and our working class taxes aren’t needed.

  7. maybe if the a b c started giving a balanced view on things it would be more relevant

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