Is this Australian clothing brand abandoning its older customers?

Many women in Australia over 60 struggle to find affordable and fashionable clothes, and that struggle is about to get

Many women in Australia over 60 struggle to find affordable and fashionable clothes, and that struggle is about to get harder as the iconic fashion brand Sussan has announced it is heading in a new direction and will now make clothes for much younger customers.

Throughout its 77-year history, Sussan has been one of the few stores where women over 60 could buy good-quality and affordable clothes that didn’t lean towards the ‘daggy’ outfits displayed in many other stores catering to mature women.

As part of its makeover, Sussan is saying goodbye to the styles and trends loved by its loyal customers and is instead releasing leather jackets retailing for $499.95, and wrap skirts that sell for $199.95.

The announcement has come as a blow to many women who already struggle to find clothes that aren’t typically ‘old’ looking.

Australia has seen a wave of international high street stores hit the country recently – including Zara, Topshop, and H&M– but these stores mostly target customers under 40, leaving many older women with limited options.

Many women have said they feel like they are being left behind by many clothing brands as they chase down younger customers and leave them searching for somewhere to spend their money on decent outfits.

Customers questioned why brands feel like they can’t make fashionable clothes for older customers who aren’t ready to give it all up just because they’re over a certain age.

“Nothing wrong with having an [older] target market – so long as they remember we still want to be stylish and creative!” said one online commenter.

“What I find funny is that you would think there would be more brands geared towards 40+ women since their disposable income should be more than a 20 year old,” said another.

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Are you disappointed Sussan is targeting younger customers instead? Do you find it difficult to find ‘fashionable’ clothes as you age?

    • I totally agree with you. Women over 60 seem to be not seen and not heard. Have really found this since retiring. 8 months ago.

  1. Haven’t been into a Sussan shop in years. They stopped stocking clothes over size 16 and raised their prices so that pensioners and liw income people could no longer afford them.
    I’m very happy with places lije Millers or 16-26 or K Mart etc. It’s not how much you pay for something or if it’s the latest fashion.
    It’s more important how you wear the clothes and how you feel wearing it.

  2. I havent shopped in Sussan for awhile because it became a little expensive. However I shop where I see something i like and can afford. I don’t look at shops that just “cater” for over sixties. Who says I can’t wear a leather jacket or skirt? ??

  3. Well looks like these stores think that the Older Woman does not like to look smart at an affordable price. News for them they will be an older woman one day too

    • Chris Vidal  

      So true. I usually impulse buy at sussan as well as buying season staples, but recent styles have been rubbish. Bad luck for sussan, but great for my budget !

  4. There are so few shops I can buy anything from now. I need only to glance in the window to see if it is any good venturing inside.

  5. I’m pretty sure they’ll soon find out that the younger customers don’t always have any money, they get it from the older customers

  6. Ladies!! Check out Roz’s Veducci Collection/Veducci Clothing. They cater for all ages. Sales are conducted by demonstrations in your homes. You invite your friends along. Very much a fun afternoon or evening. I’m 68 yo and a bigger woman. The clothes are beautiful quality and are manufactured in Australia.

    • Thanks Felicity. I just had a look at their website. Looks great for people in Victoria, but it does not appear to provide for the great majority of us, who are not in Victoria

    • Thanks Felicity Gay Moore ladies we are Australia wide and come in sizes 6-20 some to 24. Prices ranges are $39-99 for our basics like cami’s, leggings, tops, tunics & dresses. Lounge and slouch pants are also a comfortable option at $89 & $99. The more expensive items are our coats and jackets. I do one on one as well as in home demo’s. If you call the head office they can put you in touch with a consultant in your area.

      • Gail  

        I find this brand of clothing is also expensive . I went to a party and bought a long cardi and I think it will be $139 that is way more expensive then what I have seen in shops ,. I could have bought probably three for this price. It maybe Australian made but it doesn’t change the fact that it is expensive. Why is it that Australian made items have to cost so much I am sure Aussies would buy Aussie brands if the prices were more reasonable. The reason I bought the cardi was because it won’t take up much room in my bag for travelling but in the future I won’t be paying that much this would be a once only purchase. Because it is party plan the prices have to be marked up so everyone gets a cut of the profits.

  7. Maybe the feel it’s easier to rort young people armed with credit cards!

    • Karen O'Brien-Hall  

      Love your thinking Linda and agree!

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