Is it ever ok to dislike a child?

Recently, a woman took to a parenting website to confess her feelings about her friend’s three-year-old child. The woman said
Is it ok to dislike a child?

Recently, a woman took to a parenting website to confess her feelings about her friend’s three-year-old child.

The woman said that as much as she loved her friend, she could not stand her friend’s young daughter. According to the woman, the little girl is prone to tantrums – and lots of them.

She says she cries when she doesn’t get what she wants, and even when she does get her way the crying, and screaming, continue long after. She fusses, whinges, and plays to her mother’s weaknesses knowing she will cave in eventually.

The woman says that all of the drama has lead her to dislike the child and feel sorry for her friend.

Some readers said they could understand where she was coming from and had been in similar situations themselves.

“You have hit on a bit of a taboo, which is that for whatever reason, we don’t all take to all children all of the time,” said one commenter.

“I have had a similar experience a couple of times. I mostly do like other people’s children, however every now and again I come across a child that I just don’t take to, either because they are not very charming or they behave awfully, or usually a combination of the two,” wrote another.

Others though were less forgiving.

“Have you offered a helping hand to her mum, your friend? She sounds like she could do with your support rather than you writing judgey posts on the internet.”

It’s a topic that divides many.

While some people only see the joy and the love in children, others are take a more critical approach.

For many, it is understandable that we don’t like all children all the time. Some parents have confessed to finding it difficult to even like their own children sometimes, let alone anyone else’s.

Just like we don’t warm to and get along with all adults, is it reasonable assume we shouldn’t get along with all children?

Today, we’d like to hear your thoughts on this topic?

Do you think it’s ok to dislike a child? Or should we make an effort to get along with all children?

  1. Stephanie  

    As long as it’s not your own!

    Other peoples’ kids give me the heebie-jeebies. Most of them are spoilt brats, not trained by their parents’ to behave in any given situation.
    They’ve this sense of ‘entitlement’ taught to them by their parents’, which makes them totally unlikeable, obnoxious, & precocious, which equals that they’re right little pains in the @&$-!

    • Susan Bell  

      Get some new friends, no one I know let their children feel entitled

  2. Lin  

    I think the real issue is the dislike is not personal. It is the child’s behaviour that is not liked. Perhaps best to only meet at night without the child.

  3. I as a childcare worker would realize the stress this child was going throu not knowing the boundry and pushing them but not being shown where they are

  4. Jode  

    It’ the behaviour, not the child per sae, I would object to, and the sad fact is, that the child’s behaviour is, more than likely, caused by its parents’ unwillingness to set and enforce boundaries. When friends bring their kids into my house, I expect that they will abide by my house rules – if they don’t, they’re unlikely to be invited a second time.

  5. Fran  

    The child is three, she will grow out of the tantrums. Hang in there. I do think that you need to let your friend know how you are feeling though.

  6. Russell McMahon  

    A 3 year old ? !!!!
    Yep. Sounds legit.
    Try Googlabetting “3 year old” + related terms.

  7. Jenny Taylor  

    I have had a similar experience, in the finish I severed all ties with the friend. He was a brat and didn’t hesitate to smash my things when in my house, and hit my child over the head with anything he could get his hands on. He spat in peoples faces and really knocked his younger sister around. Maybe he needed some sort of help but not at my family’s expense. He ended up in the army, good thing or bad I am not sure. I just know I never wanted to see him again. 30 years later I have not changed my mind.

  8. Marion  

    Yep I have young grandchildren who throw tantrums or cry just to get attention and my patients is very limited I generally ask the parents to take them home. The parent (daughter) would say to the kids that nan is in a grump tonight, and I’m fine with this, as my headache is ready to exploded lol

  9. Keith McMillan  

    A girl that I knew, when she was 3 would cry and make a fuss when she didn’t get her own way, I used to say to her that she was really hard done by but if it was all that bad she should have real tears and kept telling her that I wanted to see real tears, she always finished up laughing.

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