Is it best to fight fire with fire – or is there another way?

Few of us could blame France for wanting revenge after so many of their people were taken in the shootings

Few of us could blame France for wanting revenge after so many of their people were taken in the shootings and bombings on Friday.

President Francois Hollande has described the coordinated terror attack as an “act of war” and vowed to hit back against Islamic State “without mercy”, and he showed he wasn’t joking with yesterday’s airstrikes that destroyed an IS command post, a jihadist recruitment centre, a munitions depot and a “terrorist” training camp in Raqa, Isis’ de facto capital in Syria.

We can understand the response – who wouldn’t want to fight back? But can you fight violence with violence? History tells us it’s a messy business at best.

Here in Australia, Malcolm Turnbull is still talking about finding a political solution, while refusing to rule out the possibility of peacekeeping troops on the ground.

Meanwhile, the Grand Mufti of Australia says we need to rethink our approach to responding to and preventing terrorism.

“These recent incidents highlight the fact that current strategies to deal with the threat of terrorism are not working,” said Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed.

“It is therefore imperative that all causative factors such as racism, Islamophobia, curtailing freedoms through securitisation, duplicitous foreign policies and military intervention must be comprehensively addressed.

“In addition, any discourse which attempts to apportion blame or sensationalises violence to stigmatise a certain segment of society only serves to undermine community harmony and safety.’
On Twitter yesterday, the hashtag #prayforsyria was trending in response to the weekend’s #prayforparis.

While some of the posts are quite naïve and idealistic, the common thread is this: at the point of all violence, innocent people are killed and hurt – when and how can it end?

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Do you think there’s another way? 

  1. There is always another way! It has been said that when these terrorist groups start loosing ground, or recruitment rates get low, that they launch an attack on the West in the hope that the West will launch attacks back. These groups then cry about the innocent civilians that the “brutal West”has slaughtered. This seems to increase the flow of new recruits to their twisted ideology. I don’t know what the answer is, but lowering our own standards and values to the level of the terrorist certainly is not the way to go. Neither is demonising the majority of people who follow a different religious belief because of the actions of a minority.

  2. sadly I have come to the conclusion fighting fire with a bloody big fire is the only way ISIS can be contained and ultimately eradicated. These are people who do not negotiate or compromise. Their goal is to eradicate all who don’t agree with radical Islamic ideals, and please note these are radical extremist ideals, NOT upright, good followers of Islam. To radical extremists we are all, ALL, viewed as infidels and in their opinion we need to be removed. Its a non-negotiable viewpoint and as such our only option is to fight back-hard. As unpalatable as it is. There will be deaths, lots of them but there will be more if we roll over and let them scratch our bellies.

    • I agree with you , these murderers won’t stop unless we stop them . Of course no one wants war or fighting . But this is never going to stop unless they are stopped . It’s like hitler all over again . The world has to stop them if we want to leave in peace .

    • Where do you get all this crap from? Why would ME radicals aim to destroy you? More likely they are out to achieve something for themselves – figure out what that is and you might have a lead towards a solution.

    • So tell me Gregory just how selective Isis has been with its killing so far? You say why would they aim to destroy me? Why not me? Or you? It’s been very indiscriminate so far.

    • Gregory Procter You seem to be divorced from the real world. IS has stated time and again that all non muslims are their targets and they intend to install a world wide caliphate. Even our piss week Leftist mainstream media have let that slip through!

    • I think this is what ISIS want – they want retaliation where innocent muslims will die at the hands of those trying to eradicate ISIS. Then to turn the greater muslim community against “others” and create war. Within European, American & Australasia there are small groups of radicals. It is easy to say eradicate them, but finding them is hard.

  3. Sorry, no, there is no other way…A cancer needs to be totally removed, and ISIS is a cancer in the world.

  4. There are justifiable wars and this is one! You can’t have a political solution where the extreme zealots are out to behead every last one of us in their “Holy War”! Jihad,they totally believe is their mission to rid the world of us non believers! The world must act with great force now, because they have infiltrated the whole globe already. However we are told to pray for our enemy,and so my prayer is that the Light will fill their Souls and overcome their darkness✨

    • I think that’s a wasted prayer, Catherine. If you need to pray, pray our government takes a strong stand against these monsters! Keep well and happy in spite of the state of the world! They think the sadness will make us weak. They don’t realise it makes us stronger.

    • Yes,we will stay strong and we must unite to fight this Evil. I will however not feel my prayer is being wasted when sending Light into the Darkness where they need it most.✨

    • Well, I’ve been sending white healing light their way for years. I can see how well that’s working! I don’t mean to belittle your efforts, that’s not what I mean at all. Everyone must act as they see fit and I applaud those who are trying something rather than burying their heads in the sand !

  5. If they can solve the problems in Syria, all these refugee’s can go home but it would need to be a lot more than just Australia on the ground in Syria , it would take a huge effort from the World

    • Unfortunately the problems in Syria are huge and filled with conflict for years, tribe against tribe, seems there’s no end to it. Having said that the world has always had some type of conflict.

  6. I agree .. Doing nothing is NOT an option… We must stand & fight.. & My God make no mistake about it .. this is the mother of all fights…

  7. How can you eradicate such ideals with bombs ? Ideals are in the minds and culture of these people. You cannot kill off a cancer in the world that has its tentacles all over the world
    Unfortunately history has shown that war and destruction is the only thing that we have. You would have hoped that humanity would have progressed more than this ! I feel worried about the future for my grandchildren we may have been the luckier generation ! God bless humanity whichever god you believe in

  8. you say its revenge,it is a stand to protect and say “no,we wont accept you shedding the blood of our people,wont accept intimidation and wont accept your twisted ideology on our home soil,France stands for its people to enjoy the freedoms they have had to fight often to retain and that is protection not revenge

  9. Wipe the bastards off the face of the earth, by whatever means possible. Give no quarter until they are begging for mercy, then kill them too.

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