I’m so quiet – I could never be the rambunctious, loud 60-year-old

The other day I went along to the Celtic Thunder show in Brisbane and loved it, but as I watched on

The other day I went along to the Celtic Thunder show in Brisbane and loved it, but as I watched on with others who were enjoying it, something caught my eye: a group of 60-something women were dancing and screaming down the front. I had to do a double take! I thought at first they were young women trying to get the attention of the young Irish singers but no… they were in their 60s! I was aghast and not because I thought it was bad, but I wondered how they could be so confident and loud.

All my life I’ve been the shy or quiet girl. Even now in my 60s I feel really intimidated by women who are loud and full of personality. I don’t feel comfortable being so provocative and “out there”…and I don’t know if I’m alone in thinking that.

I just think getting up and dancing is really embarrassing and makes me cringe. I don’t think it’s a good look for women of my age. As I saw those women carry on, the man next to me said that they looked like “lushes”, drunk women who were desperate for young boys. Cougars, they call them. Maybe so, but I still think that a little bit of class and holding yourself well goes a long way.

I am still an introvert even today and prefer my own company. I’ve never been friends with the bottle, and I have never set foot in a crowded nightclub or bar. My daughter says I’m socially awkward and am isolating myself, but how can I change? I am just myself like I always have been. I think I’m socially anxious, if that’s even something.

I prefer to be quiet and not make a fuss. I often see women my age being loud and cackling away in coffee shops, drawing attention to themselves. I’ve never felt like doing that, ever! It’s a sad way to be in my eyes because you’re an attention seeker. I guess old habits die hard.

So I want to know…are there any other women like me who shudder when they hear a group of women laughing and talking loudly? Who feels “awkward” when in a big social setting? I’d be interested to know if men are in the same boat.

Share your thoughts below.

  1. Shirley McDonald  

    Laughing & talking loudly does not make my friends & I “lushes” It means we are having a good time enjoying each other’s company and are usually having a coffee while playing cards for fun. We call it our cards & counselling session. Everyone goes home feeling great & not so alone with our problems, aches & pains.

  2. Robyn Jefferson  

    No, so long as you are not passive aggressive.

  3. I spent many years doing the right thing, being quiet and conforming with society’s expectations. My husband ended our marriage after 30 years, I was on hand to support my daughter during the arrival of her babies and sat with my mother til she passed away.
    Now my life is about me, I wear bright colours, talk to everyone including visitors to my town and just enjoy life. Having moved back to the town I grew up in it’s almost as if people who knew me in my younger days expect me to be full of life.
    I’m not a lush, just a 60 year old with bad health who has decided to enjoy life to the best of my abilities.

  4. Leonie  

    I agree with you completely – “look at me” behaviour is embarrassing to observe.

    • Glenis  

      I remember when older women were called ‘gracious’ and wise – that to me would be the greatest compliment in my obituary. I too can’t stand loud people and don’t drink, gamble, socialise so am I one of the socially undeveloped – but I am happy, unstressed, healthy, relaxed and comfortable with my physical appearance – I believe it comes down to choice

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