I’m old fashioned and I think it’s important to be this way

I’ve been considered old-fashioned by both my children and my friends for many years but I have to say, I

I’ve been considered old-fashioned by both my children and my friends for many years but I have to say, I would much prefer to be this way. I don’t really consider myself old-fashioned but I think there’s a certain standard that should be upheld.

I come from a working class family however my mother always taught me it was important to present yourself as upper class in everything you do. To this day I still set the table before I eat and I would never be seen dead wearing tracksuit pants or thongs.

My daughter often tells me my outdated way of thinking needs to be changed. I guess she says this because she has a number of tattoos. Where I’m from, tattoos are a sign you’ve either been to prison, or you’re lower class. She has one on her wrist I’m dying for her to get lasered off but unfortunately despite my best efforts, she refuses. I think tattoos are so tacky and unflattering, especially on women.

Another thing I like to make sure I do is avoid abbreviations and speak eloquently as much as possible. I feel the English language has suffered greatly in the last century and lazy Australians are somewhat to blame. I can’t stand hearing a “bogan” speaking, as I was brought up to enunciate all my words.

I also believe women should always wear a soft perfume, brush their hair before they go out anywhere (even to the shops) and I could never go outside without first running a lint roller over my clothing. My mum was always as neat as a pin and taught me to have self respect and self confidence. How can you have those things when you don’t look after your appearance?

I think our society could benefit from harking back to the days when men were chivalrous and women were very well dressed and polite. The filthy things that come out of women (and men’s) mouths nowadays is disturbing. We had a much more peaceful way of life in the 60s and 70s, which I miss. I of course think there’s been developments in equality and so forth, which I fully support, but when life was simple and without technology and rudeness and disrespect, we all had a good time.

I am going to continue my quest (as my daughter calls it!) to be as old fashioned as I want. I’d like to think there’s other over 60s out there who hold the same values as me and can appreciate coming from good working class stock.

Tell us, are you old fashioned? Or have you adopted the more modern way of life?