I’m marrying my old flame

My husband passed away earlier this year and after a chance meeting with my old lover, I found myself asking this

My husband passed away earlier this year and after a chance meeting with my old lover, I found myself asking this question, “Is it meant to be?”.

Old feelings came rushing back and all of a sudden this 60-year-old’s heart felt tingling like a 17-year-old’s.

Every second of my waking being is spent thinking about Rob and what life could have been with him instead of my mentally abusive late husband.

Well I’m done hoping and definitely done dreaming about a life which could have been mine a long time ago. My old boyfriend Rob wants to get our relationship back on track and I couldn’t be more excited about it. He owns a business in London and is planning to move up to the UK and has invited me to uproot and come along. I’ve said yes.

When I broke the news to my kids about sell everything I have so I can go with him, my kids objected. They said that it’s risky to drop everything for a man I have not seen for years but I have decided this is my final chance to get my life back and live however I want.

More than 40 years with my husband who did not treat me with love and affection was a complete waste of my life and I’ll never get that lost time back. I only stayed because I wanted the kids to have a father and their parents under one roof and I’m proud to say that I overcame all of the obstacles to come out in one piece.

Some of my friends said that I should not be so easy to believe a man I have not seen for a long time as his feelings might not be the same and he even might be trying to con me. But my other friends say that I will never know unless I take this leap of faith and do it. After all, love can last for eternity and why shouldn’t have this one?

I’ve finally decided that I am going to take that leap of faith, to test the waters, to take the plunge, you name it. Rob and I will be living in London by the end of the year. The old house has been sold along with the furniture in it. I’ve also gotten rid of my old jewellery, the ones my husband bought me. I want to create new memories with my old flame and hopefully the old feelings will start burning again like old times.

I can’t change the life that I lived but I can change the life I have left and this is it. I’m taking a chance, finally.

Do you have a long lost love?

From the words of Deborah S.

  1. John Grech  

    rent out your home ,,,not sell

  2. Lyn  

    I agree leave yourself safe place to land just in case can sell houe etc once u know its working

  3. I agree make sure you have a backup plan for your self especially money wise and rent your house and maybe store some of your stuff just in case it doesn’t work. Just my thoughts good luck hope it does work for you.

  4. Deena riodger  

    Good for you, you can always go back if it doesn’t’ work out. We only come this way once it’s not a dress rehearsal so you go for it.

  5. Viv  

    Make sure you keep your own money – preferably in Australia – enough to purchase something debt free if things dont work out. Even purchase a rental unit to give you an income while you are in the UK.

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