I just have to say it…. I hate my granddaughter’s name!

When my third granddaughter was born, I felt like a first-time grandmother all over again. It was such an overwhelming feeling,

When my third granddaughter was born, I felt like a first-time grandmother all over again. It was such an overwhelming feeling, and that first hold was something I won’t forget. But nothing could hide my shock when my daughter and her husband announced the name of this little baby.

Over the course of the pregnancy, my daughter had been tightlipped about what she would call her bundle of joy. I really wanted something more modern and pretty for the little angel, but the only hint I got was that it was not going to be modern. ‘That’s fine’, I thought to myself. But in reality, I had no idea what they’d pick!

The name was announced two days after the birth: Wren Nelly. Wren Nelly?!?!? What…why… I couldn’t comprehend it. It was not pretty or modern or even traditional! I didn’t know what to do except smile weakly. Here was this pretty little baby. And to make matters worse, their last name (which I won’t disclose) doesn’t exactly fit with Wren or Nelly.

The other grandparents were also a little confused about the name but instead we made note of how healthy little Wren was, rather than the strange looks and teasing she might get later in life.

I’ve had to come to terms with it, and I don’t know why a simple name could make me feel so upset – was it because I was scared of other peoples’ opinions? Or because I thought it wasn’t nice? I think it’s because a name is just so integral to who you are. I’m hearing about young girls who have been called ‘Isis’ and now have been bullied and have to change their names. I’d hate for Wren to have to change hers later on.

I had a chat to my daughter about the name (politely, I swear!) and she said that Wren has been one of her favourite names for years. I can’t really argue with that… but still, there’s something I can’t shake about the name. My own mother would tell me that she didn’t like my name (Diana) but had to go with it because that’s just you would do at the time – your mother would choose the name of your child, or your husband would. My father did the honours, but she never got over the fact her daughter couldn’t be called Cecilia.

I now know how she feels.

I wonder if other grandmothers and grandfathers have had to bite their tongue about their grandchild’s interesting name? Tell me your honest thoughts!

  1. What a disgusting woman, you should be ashamed of yourself, you should just accept the fact that your daughter has chosen the name she likes for her child whether you like it or not.

    • Palma Smyth Even children grow up hating their names ,my daughter hated her name Deborah ,I always called her Debbie ,

    • Owen. How rude. Disgusting woman? Oh really? She is expressing her opinion and you would not do the same – but calling her disgusting is a bit over the top. Ease up eh!

    • Merran Heather Brown , yes she was expressing her opinion and yes, I am expressing mine or can I only say things that you agree with , if you don’t like my comments don’t reply to them.

    • Vivienne Beddoe , Owen has a tendency to say what is on his mind, not make up something that he thinks people want to hear !!

    • Owen – common decency is called for. Like I said – ease up. It is not all that important re her dislike of names – but common decency IS more important – and you would expect that would you not?

    • Merran Heather Brown , What has this to do with common decency, I express my opinion as I see fit not to fit in with your “common decency laws”. OK now you reply and have the last word, I know that is what you want .

    • Owen Gustafson lighten up. As I read it she has accepted it doesn’t mean she has to like it. Can’t see how that makes her “disgusting”

    • You are a bit nasty Owen.. Glad I don’t know you personally.. To call someone disgusting is so nasty and over the top even if you don’t agree with what she said… I find YOUR comments disgusting..

    • Annette McIntyre , why use the word “hate” it means, loathe,detest, abhor, I have never hated anything my kids have done and never will but if “hate” is a word that you accept as normal ,so be it.

    • Cheryl – yes – I agree…Owen is behaving rather nastily and inappropriately. I am also glad I do not know him personally.

    • I too think your comment was unnecessarily nasty. Having an opinion is one thing. Being downright nasty is totally different.

    • You can all have a go at me as much as you like , but I do know it has nothing to do with my comment !!

      • Glynnis  

        I actually think that the name Wren is very pretty and sweet. It reminds me of the gentleness and beauty of little Blue Wrens who are the most beautiful little birds! Beautiful name!!

    • Cheryl Bell Willard , I was going to ask which one is you in your profile pictures but thought I had better not so just ignore this comment.

  2. It may be very unusual but it’s what her parents chose to name her….it’s their choice not yours. As for the bit about your mother or your husband choosing your child’s name I have never heard of this before. A child’s name should be chosen by both parents not anyone else.

    • Kerry all of my three childrens names were chosen by my husband alone,what should be and what is doesnt always apply

    • Lol yes by your husband , the dad, but all 3? Pethaps it did not matter enough for you to say, my turn.

    • In some cultures this is the case. if I had married my first love – a greek – my first born daughter would have been called Hariglia after the mother….Hello NO.

    • I picked my three daughters names and my husband was happy with that and those names meant a lot to me.

  3. Id hate to have her as a grandmother. Wouldnt let her near anyones kids if she cant accept her own. Horrible women.

  4. geraldine hannah  

    We were extremely lucky to have our granddaughter come to stay with us permanently when she was 4 months old and she had not been officially registered so it was up to my husband and I to do it. She had been named Bree up until then. There was something we both weren’t quite sure about as far as her name was concerned and when we registered her we decided to call her Breeze. We have never regretted that decision. Breeze is now 15 years old and has always loved her name. We jokingly say she was named by aging hippies! I think Wren is a lovely unusual name and I will add Breeze has never been teased or bullied about her name

  5. 🙊…..I always got sung to me….

  6. It’s none of your business , it’s your business to show unconditional love and acceptances

  7. It is not your choice what your grandchildren are named and you won’t be the one who has to wear the name I think Wren is a pretty name and it is an unusual one. When the teacher calls out Wren, you can bet there will probably be only be one in the class.

    • Yes – and I bet the school kids will call the child Birdie – or the like. I had my son in Sweden and wanted to call him Anders (pronounced Unders) or Per [Pear]). But if we came to OZ to live he would most likely be called Undies (or Rio) or Apples. But such as it is – the child will be just fine. I would not have chosen it – but c’est la vie.

  8. We are blessed with eight beautiful darlings and I love all their names because it it THEIR name and makes them unique. They probably aren’t names that I would have thought of for my own children but I love them all the same. To the lady who said that none of her grandchildren had her middle name well none of mine do either and I couldn’t care less.

  9. I love that name. I have a grandson called Ren and as soon as I heard it I loved it. His big brother is called Teal and I love that name too

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