I feel like I’m too old to dress and feel sexy

As I’ve gotten older I’ve started to ask myself the question – am I too old to dress sexy? To

As I’ve gotten older I’ve started to ask myself the question – am I too old to dress sexy? To feel sexy?

It seems once you hit a certain age, you’re not supposed to feel or dress sexy anymore.

But can an older women like myself, over 60, still feel and dress sexy without being criticised?

I look at some of the over-60s female celebrities and think about how sexy they can look.

Look at Susan Sarandon, Jane Fonda, Helen Mirren, Olivia Newton-John and Jessica Lange – they all still manage to look sexy well into their 60s (at least I think they do).

But they’re also at times widely criticised for it, and I’ve seen comments from some people saying they’re too old to look sexy.

At what age does sexy end?

I didn’t get a memo when I turned 60, let alone when I turned 50, that I had to stop feeling or trying to dress sexy.

I’m not talking trashy sexy or looking like I’m starring in a porno sexy, or boobs out sexy.

I still just want to feel some what sexy.

I want to be able to show a little bit of leg, or wear a nice swimsuit – show a little bit of skin and feel great about it.

Unfortunately a lot of us older women have body image problems – from the colour of our hair to our wrinkles and sagging skin (among other things starting to sag!)

And of course there’s the big problem most women of all ages face – our weight.

I look at photos of my younger self and regret not making the most of my “sexy years”.

What happened to that body and my ability to feel sexy?

Should older women be judged for a plunging neckline, a skirt above the knee, a slit in the leg of a dress, a bikini on the beach?

We talk about women’s rights to wear whatever they want, fighting over the burkini and then in the same breath we call out people for being “too old” to dress a certain way or claim they’re dressed “too sexy”.

Is it contradictory?

You might be wondering why feeling sexy is a big deal?

It’s not about sex or about trying to get a man’s attention.

It’s about how I feel – my attitude towards my age, my confidence, my love and respect for my own body.

You might not think I’m sexy, but maybe instead of saying that – you can let me have my confidence and feel sexy in my own skin.

Do you think you can be too old to be sexy? Do you still feel sexy at over-60?

  1. Adele. Ford  

    I am over 70, even tho I don’t dress in a sexy fashion, I don’t like to look old”..
    I still feel sexy and my husband and I still enjoy lovemaking.,after 46 years ….

  2. Tina Stringer  

    I grew up in the 60s when everything was happening…. I developed my own style and have kept it until now and at the age of almost 68 I still wear skinny jeans off the shoulder tops 4inch heels because I feel good in them… My clothing is simple tailored matching and complimentary and I applaud women who have the same attitude. Most of my friends are the same because we’re young and trendy….

    • I am 82 slim 55 , kgs annd dress very trendy scarves esrings fitting clothes eti dress for me and attitude is if you dont like it look somewhere else, zs long as I feel good thats all that matterd.I was this weight at 20, now three kids,7 grangchildren 8 gtest grandchildren, still the same and loving life.

  3. [email protected]  

    I turned 60 a couple of months ago; I still like to dress attractively and feel good about myself and to look and feel sexy without looking like ‘mutton dressed as lamb.’

  4. Marija Fickling  

    Age is a number. Attitude is timeless. Be glad that you care enough about yourself to enjoy putting on the lovely bits and still have the desire to feel joy in your desires and life. You are alive! Enjoy!

  5. Stephen  

    I am male 69 and single please, please, please ladies, don’t EVER get too old to enjoy being the beautiful women you are. There are already sufficient women who have just given up, so sad. Attractiveness and beauty and how you dress are the true expressions of your joyous femininity and beauty of heart; I could not bear a planet without you.

    • Marilyn E  

      So nice to say that, but it is Hard when you get older to look sexy when you don’t feel it, and looking nice is hard too especially when you don’t have the body you used to, I can nderstsnd why some women give up but then again there is that bit of pride left over to try and look attractive to make yourself feel better and fight the age problem.

    • Kate Prynne  

      Thank you Stephen, that was so well said! I have no intention of giving up looking good, and at times, sexy!

  6. Nancy Brenton  

    That’s a beautiful comment Stephen. Thank you for encouraging older ladies to keep their femininity.

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