I couldn’t believe what was discussed at a high tea recently…

I was at a high tea recently, a special occasion for a friend who was celebrating her 60th. She brought

I was at a high tea recently, a special occasion for a friend who was celebrating her 60th. She brought along her granddaughters and nieces, and it was an event with women from all stages of life. However there was one topic of discussion that shocked me.

As you do at these types of events, you talk ladies’ business: fashion, clothing, accessories etc. Discussion turned to the Kardashians, and usually I would have switched off if it weren’t for how they were idolising that frankly abhorrent family. The young girls said they were considering plastic surgery, and even had photos of what procedures they wanted on their phones.

I was quite upset – these are 18 year olds talking about their flaws and wrinkles, when they were nothing but the picture of youth and beauty. They have their whole lives ahead of them and yet all they could talk about was how big they wanted their lips and commenting on how nice their 20-year-old friend’s Botox was.

I wondered where they got this from but it’s clear: the media, the magazines, their social media, but probably most disappointing of all: their mothers. When I poked around a little more as to why on earth they want surgery, they said their mums had it and it was fine. And although I was at a high tea, many of us weren’t from “posh” backgrounds or well-off, so it also showed me how women are now going without other things just to pay for surgery. These girls only have part time jobs and are already considering how they’ll afford unnecessary plastic surgery.

It truly boggles the mind.

I think women need to be better role models to their daughters and granddaughters and make sure they know that these celebrities are not to be idolised. I wish young girls would know that having fake lips and breasts does not improve your personality or make you more likeable. Those are things you need to work on within yourself. Plastic surgery to me screams insecurity, especially at such a young age.

I’m not sure if others agree or not, but I certainly don’t want my granddaughters to think they have to live up to these unrealistic beauty standards.

What do you think?

  1. Stephen Matthews  

    Sad isnt it that young girls see themselves as so imperfect they consider plastic surgery.All because some women whose main claim to fame is she made a home made porno movie with her boyfriend.I remember listening to a discussion on the ABCs life matters show a few years a go concering young girls recovering from Anexoria.The American psyychologist on the show said that some of the girls as they recovered and were heading towards a healthy weight would find that their mothers were actually sabotaging their attempts to put on the weight.apparently the mothers were concerned about the anorexia,but at the same time did not want their daughters putting on what they considered too much weight.How screwy is that

  2. I must say I don’t know anyone who has high Tea lol we are just average Aussie’s in my neck of the woods and have afternoon Tea where I live, if we have it at all 🙂 But I don’t agree with putting Botox or anything else in your face especially when you are young BUT how do you stop it? These young people are probably working and in charge of their own lives and own money

    • Suzanne  

      High tea is normally taken in a restaurant or cafe – or a shop specialising in High Teas. My Nana used to take us once a year for High Tea – it was fantastic. Have been to a few in the recent past – lovely way to spend an afternoon with special friends.

  3. I agree absolutely, thank goodness I only have grandsons. But my twin sister very recently had Botox on her face, I told her she was crazy but she of course (who knows everything) ignored me and when I tried to tell her that once you have Botox you have to have it regularly if you want to stay the same and she didn’t believe me and when I asked her if the doctor or whoever did the Botox told her this she said no, I thought then she had made a big mistake.

    • google her some information Vivienne if you can’t find it give me a yell I will help you Botox is poison, many people don’t realize that

    • Thanks Libbi, but my sister will not ever listen to me, I have tried giving her all the information but she knows better than anybody, typical rich it really riles me

  4. Everybody to their own, not saying I agree but everybody has the right to decide what they want in life, it is not my job to tell anyone it is right or wrong.

  5. Why do they follow the fashion of false faces breasts big backsides and tattoos. Soon they will be out of fashion and they will be stuck with them . I’m so glad when all we had to worry about if our clothes were in fashion.u

  6. What I believe to be the underlying problem here is that these girls have absolutely no self esteem. You are spot on when you mention the word insecurity. These beautiful young women need to do some work on their self worth. They need to spend their time and money on helping others who are not so lucky and this would result with a massive inner glow of beauty which would radiate within them.

  7. Sounds like when I was young. None of us were happy with our bodies then either. The only difference is it was all about diets and products not cosmetic surgery and botox.

  8. Sharron Duce  

    The lips, Personally I can’t stand the look of those over bloated huge lips that many find attractive, And I can’t believe that plastic surgeons would disfigure people’s faces to get the horrendous lips, it’s not attractive or natural.So I say no to the lips.

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