Hugh Jackman says we should ditch the Union Jack

One of Australia’s favourite actors, Hugh Jackman, weighed in on the New Zealand flag debate saying that he would like
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One of Australia’s favourite actors, Hugh Jackman, weighed in on the New Zealand flag debate saying that he would like to see them, as well as Australia move on from the Union Jack.

Hugh was interviewed on the New Zealand ZM radio station to promote his new film Eddie and the Eagle, but the hosts were more interested in his views on the flag.

“I’m a big promoter of both our countries having a different flag,” he said.

“I think the days of having the Union Jack on our flag, we’ve moved on from that point. No offence, it’s all great, thank you very much, time to move on.”

The Union Jack is the national flag of the United Kingdom and combines the crossing of three countries under the Sovereign, England (and Wales), Scotland and Ireland. Combining the English Cross of St George, the Irish Cross of St Patrick and the Scottish Cross of St Andrew.

The inclusion of the Union Jack in the Australian and New Zealand flag is to acknowledge British settlement.

New Zealand are currently voting on whether they should change their flag, with the alternative design featuring a silver fern leaf instead of the Union Jack. Voting will close on March 24th.

It has been a hot topic within Australia for some time, with discussions around changing our own flag gaining momentum. However, unlike New Zealand, we are yet to commit to referendum.

Do you think we should ditch the Union Jack?

  1. roy bridges  

    Leave it along ,it is our history!

  2. It is a flag of invasion even the Scotts and Welsh did not ask for England to Dominate and take their lands.
    There is no treaty with England here.
    Most Australians are not of English Descent so why do we even have an imposed English flag.
    Many of the original settlers were escaping English Dominance so our history is also one of unhappiness with England.
    Australia for Australia.

  3. jeff  

    I would vote for a new flag if a half decent design was used, the new alternative flag is awful.

  4. Anna  

    My view is just as important as Hugh Jackman. Yes, he can dance, sing and act but he is no more important than me. I was born in Australia and am first generation Australian to Italian parents. Our history will always be there no matter who founded us. I am proud that we were founded by the British. You tell me who hasn’t stains in their history. We want to white-wash everything for the “feel good” brigade. Grow up and make the best of what we have. Education has improved things and let’s hope we don’t repeat the stains of history.

  5. Norma  

    Leave our flag as it is. I am fed up with political correctness. If England had not settled Australia, do you
    think Australia would be still as it was in 1770? Wake up!

  6. John Nelson  

    Yes I agree to changing our flag and also believe that we should become a republic.

    • John Thixton  

      We should have a distinctive flag like Canada & Japan which is instantly recognisable as Australian. I believe the kangaroo identifies Australia worldwide and for this reason suggest we should use the Qantas tail design as the basis of a new flag. Definitely time we grew up and ditched the Union Jack.

  7. Stuart Mills  

    its our history, soldiers died under this flag, definitely not the Indigenous flag, it is flags of my ancestors, and also there are no better designs, all the alternates are bad designs,

    And lets not go to the Republican debate, they cannot even pick an elected model or an appointed model, idiots, that needs to be decided first, I can agree with one appointed) but not an elected one. Stuart

  8. Bill Green  

    Good comment Hugh, its way passed time we had a distinctive flag. My son is an officer in the Australia Army who has been on two deployments to the middle east and I can assure you he doesn’t fight for the flag, he fights for Australia. Also look at the Canadian Flag, they use to have a flag similar to ours, and all the reasons for not changing the flag would have been the same as they are here. They now have a very distinctive flag that can not be confused with any other flag and is a statement of their independence.

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