How to wash your delicates in 6 minutes flat

This easy lifehack could save you valuable time!

When we first read about this life hack, none of us could believe it – cleaning and drying your delicates in just six minutes using a salad spinner?

Sounds ridiculous but believe it or not, it actually works

Youtube users have gone nuts over it with many posting their own videos and tutorials on how to do it – even Oprah is into it. 

All you need is a cheap as chips salad spinner and some detergent.

1. Fill the salad spinner up halfway with warm water, then add a gentle detergent

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2. Place your underwear in the salad spinner.

3. Spin for two minutes.

4. Dump sudsy water and refill with clean water to rinse. Spin for another two minutes.

5. Dump water and spin underwear for another two minutes to dry.

Will you try this?