How to take awesome photos of your grandkids

Our grandkids don’t stay young forever so taking photos of them in a joyous moment is one of the best ways to preserve those memories.

Here’s how to take awesome pics of the grandies without needing the best equipment or any fancy skills.


1. Take a step back

Kids love to run around and play, and especially when you’re doing a group shot or action, you’ll want to take a step back. Removing yourself from the frame may allow you to get more genuine candid shots.

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2. Take individual photos

Make sure to you get individual shots with each grandchild so you can get close with them and share the moment. These pictures will look beautiful. It’s rare to get a chance to take a picture that doesn’t involve someone yelling “everyone get in”, which is why it’s so lovely to celebrate genuine individual interactions.

3. Make it natural

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When doing posed shots, let everyone arrange themselves naturally and then fix any issues instead of placing them together. Make sure you capture any details and candid shots of people laughing or looking at one another – some of the best family portraits are unposed and silly.


4. Take pictures often

One of the most important tip for grandparents who want photos of their grandchildren is to do it as often as you can – children change before your eyes.

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5. Get up close

To get those beautiful, soft images, get up close to your grandchildren so they can look into the camera straight on. Chat with them or give them something to play with while you take a photo. When the time is right, lift your camera and snap.


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6. Get down low

Another awesome photo to take is from right down low. Kids are tiny and you may have gotten on your knees to get their eye level, but now, lie down. The wonderment of children looking down at a camera makes for a great shot.

If you have a DSLR camera or manual settings, change your aperture to as wide as you can so some of the foreground is blurred. This will make your grandchild stand out even more.


7. Make them say cheese for longer

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It is so cute what kids do when they’re asked to say cheese for a long time. They may enjoy it and what you have is a beautiful, joyful photo.



8. Turn off the flash

Unless dark or badly lit, turn off the flash. Natural light is always best and you can use corridors or windows to block some light if you need to. These pictures will look much more beautiful if they are in a natural setting.

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9. Remember the rule of thirds

To take the perfect pic, imagine three grid lines across your camera lens when you look through. Focus the majority of your grandchild into either a third or two thirds of these lines and you’ll have a photo to frame!


Tell us, where do you display photos of your grandchildren? When was the last time you took photos of them?