How to quickly heal a bruise

Bruises can not only be painful but they can look very worrying and noticeable. They appear when you injure soft

Bruises can not only be painful but they can look very worrying and noticeable. They appear when you injure soft tissues in your body and red blood cells leak to the surface. They collect and clump under skin, and this is why no bruises ever look the same.

Here’s how to treat your different bruises and have them disappear in no time.

There are five stages of bruises:

  • Red: A new bruise where you can see the fresh blood is near the surface
  • Blue: After the oxygen leaves your injured blood vessels, your bruise will become darker and more blue
  • Purple or black: This type of bruise will appear within one to three days of the injury. The deeper the injury, the more dark the colour.
  • Green: After a few days, your bruise will start to turn a greenish colour. During healing, your body turns haemoglobin into new chemicals, which cause new colours to surface.
  • Yellow: Once most of the haemoglobin has been broken down, and has produced a chemical called bilirubin, your bruise will appear yellow.

Treat your bruise to fade it quickly:

Step 1: Put on a ice pack as soon as you fall over or hurt yourself. Apply for 10 to 20 minutes, at least three times a day.

Step 2: Elevate the area of bruising to minimise the swelling.

Step 3: Apply heat two days later – avoid having hot showers, putting on hot packs, and consuming too much alcohol within 48 hours of a bruise forming.

Step 4: Compress the area – wrap the area with an elastic bandage firmly but not tightly. Loosen if it hurts.

Step 5: Apply some witch hazel to promote healing.

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  1. I will give it a go, I magically get bruises , I have no idea how, I must bump into things and not realize but it has nothing to do with getting older , I have the odd bruise every now and again since I was a child

  2. OR, buy a tube of Lasinol, Hirridoid or Rectinol (haemorrhoid cream). Apply every couple of hours for a couple of days and the bruise will be gone before you know it.

  3. Yes I’m getting like my mum, she use to bruise if you looked at her. The best thing I have found is to have tube of Hirridoid cream in the bathroom at all times!

  4. Agree Hirudoid is brilliant. My Mum’s face was a mess after a bad fall – no one could believe how quickly she healed using this.

  5. Nothing like Arnica! Takes the pain out immediately and minimises the swelling and bruising. I bless my Ma in law for telling me about it 40 odd years ago!

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