How to make your haircut work for you

How often do you get your hair cut?

We’ve all made mistakes with our hair – from getting a terrible cut that reduces us to tears to accidentally dyeing it blue when we meant to go blonde.

But did you know there are some hair mistakes that can actually make you look (gasp) older? 

Here are some of the common hair mistakes you may have been making and not realised but don’t worry, it’s only hair, right? 

1. Your hair is too long

For those of you who have painstakingly grown and looked after your long locks, sorry to break it to you, but when hair is too long, it can sometimes act a little like gravity in that it pulls your facial features down and no one wants an anti-facelift look! Split ends can also lead to thin, damaged and unhealthy looking hair so it’s best to keep it trimmed regularly. 

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2. Your hair is too short

Hang on, you might be thinking, didn’t they just say my hair is too long? Yes, we did, but we’re talking about super duper short – think close to the scalp short. Just because you’ve reached a “certain age” does not mean you need to chop your locks. Focus instead on getting a flattering cut that uses layers and the right colour tones to keep your hair slightly longer and looking youthful. 

3. Your hair is too dark

Very dark, dyed hair can look a bit too harsh as we age. Plus, the monotone look of a home dye job that is often necessary for fully covering a headful of grey can actually make you look older. This is terrible news but the reality is, just one colour on top lacks dimension and can look dull and lifeless. Opt instead to get a professional job or, have a good friend put some highlights in for you to create movement and pops of colour in your hair. 

4. Too light

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It seems like we’re giving you contradictory advice but hear us out – if you’re still bleaching your hair blonde, it’s usually not the right move. Light hair can wash you out and can equally make your hair look damaged. Add dimension to your hair by adding lowlights which will give life to your hair and darken the overall tone. 

5. You’ve got the wrong cut

So we’ve already talked about your hair not being too long nor too short and maybe you’re wondering what we’re banging on about, but the actual cut of your hair is just as important as its length and colour. During our later years, a hair cut that is too blunt won’t flatter our features and hair that is all one length is equally unflattering as it pulls down your face and lacks movement. Repeat this mantra: Layers are my best friend! Layers add movement, colour dimension and frame your face like the pretty picture you are. 

6. You’re not embracing the grey – when you definitely can (and should!)

Hair stylists these days call grey hairs “shimmer” so why not embrace your silver friends? If you do, it means skipping the numerous trips to the salon for colouring – not to mention all the money you’ll save that can be better spent on more important things in life – like cheese, wine and travel. If you take the time to keep your hair healthy and maintain a good cut, you’ll look fab no matter what your hair colour. 

What’s your favourite way to wear your hair?