How to make your fridge run more efficiently

One of the most expensive appliances in the house is the refrigerator. So naturally you want it to last forever but on average a fridge lasts 14 years, with 10 years the minimum and 19 years the maximum.

We have seven tips to help keep your fridge working efficiently and lasting longer than the average lifespan.

1. Location is important: The position where you place your fridge is vital for longevity. Keep it away from heat, like the oven.

2. Defrost the refrigerator: The new fridges should defrost automatically, but if your fridge is 10 years old or more, than you should defrost when the ice builds up more than 63mm in the freezer.

3. Check the temperature: Your fridge should be at a constant temperature of 1.6 degrees. The danger zone is reaching 4.4 degrees, if reached this can speed up the growth of bacteria.

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4. Vacuum the coils behind the fridge: The coils behind the fridge should be cleaned every month as animal hair or dust and dirt can get caught it in. If the coils start to clog up it could eventually burn out the compressor.

5. Cover all food items: When you leave food uncovered the moisture will be absorbed into the air and this will then make the compressor work harder to remove it. Another reason why you should cover all your food is to prevent the smells of other foods mixing together.

6. Cool food before refrigerating: Hot foods, like soup needs to be cooled before entering the fridge (cool for 10 mins but be aware that bacteria does not start to grow). The reason is simple, the fridge will have to work harder to cool it down so by letting the majority of heat escape, it will allow the fridge to work as normal.

7. Fill the freezer but let the fridge air: Making room in the fridge will allow good air circulation, which helps the fridge run more efficiently. Where the freezer can be filled to the max because it works more efficiently than being empty. If you freezer is empty, add some cool drinks to fill it up,  for a hot summer day.

How long have you had your fridge for? Will you try any of these tips?