How to make your batteries last longer

Over time and will daily use, the battery life of your devices can slowly deteriorate. If you find that your battery is starting to die quicker than usual, we have a few tips for phones, computers and e-readers that will help sustain them.

Phones are the most used device of the three and seem to die the quickest. Here are five tips to save your phones battery:

  1. Turn the screen brightness down in the settings menu.
  2. Close or delete apps that you are not using. Apps can drain the most battery life.
  3. Disable auto app updates in the setting menu.
  4. Get emails manually instead of automatic.
  5. Disable GPS if you are not using it.
  6. Turn off your data when you’re not using it.

Computers are normally connect to a power source, but if you have a laptop then these four tips can help save the power:

  1. Turn off screensaver mode, it is unnecessary and will drain your battery.
  2. Reduce the display brightness.
  3. Run fewer programs in the background. Close down a program properly once you have finished using it.
  4. Integrated wireless devices.
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e-readers are used only when reading, so it’s easier to save battery life. Here are two tips to help ensure you do:

  1. Set to sleep mode every time you are done reading. The battery can last a few days on sleep mode.
  2. When you have download a book from Amazon Cloud, turn the WiFi feature off. This will preserve the battery while you read off-line.

For all devices remember to charge to 100 per cent before taking it off the power.

How do you save battery on your device? Will you try these tricks?