Life hack: how to magically fold a fitted sheet

How many of you have simply scrunched up your fitted sheet and shoved it in the closet – out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, now you can be proud of your organised, neatly folded linen closet.

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Take a look at the simple video and steps to fold your fitted sheet:

  1. Hold the sheet lengthwise in your hands
  2. Fold one corner over the other
  3. Grab the next corner
  4. Tuck this corner underneath the first two corners
  5. Grab the final corner
  6. Again, tuck this corner inside the one’s you’re holding
  7. Shake the sheets out and smooth the sheet onto a flat surface
  8. Keep corners together and fold sheet so it lines up
  9. Continue to fold the sheet into desired shape (thirds and quarters)

Did you know there was a trick to folding your fitted sheet? Does this trip make you want to refold your linens? Share with us below.