How to find out exactly how old your eggs are

Starting off your morning with a protein filled meal such as eggs is both delicious and healthy; but have you

Starting off your morning with a protein filled meal such as eggs is both delicious and healthy; but have you considered how fresh your eggs really are? The time between when the eggs were laid and when you pick them up in your local supermarket can be longer than you think.

If you have ever been concerned about the freshness of your eggs but aren’t sure how to tell, this trick could be just what you have been looking for.

To test your eggs, fill a glass with water and place the egg gently inside the glass. If it sinks to the bottom, this is an indication that your egg is fresh. However, if it stays near the surface or floats, you can be certain that it is not only old, but most likely off.

If your egg is floating somewhere in the middle of the glass, this chart can help you determine how old your egg really is.


Check it out and let us know if this helped you!


  1. I am going to make a Quiche Lorraine for lunch so I will test my eggs and let you know how I get on.

  2. I’m on my bike Debbie sounds yummo. We get lots of fresh eggs now, we keep the empty cartons in the car and we are sure to come across someone selling them, nice fresh cackle berries.

    • Christina I have not exercised for about 2 weeks. Just been too hot up here. Feeling very frustrated but my doctor says not to exercise in extreme heat.

      • Meryl  

        re exercising. Look up planking. Just lie on the floor and balance on your toes and forearms. You start at about 15 seconds and day by day work up to about 2 1/2 minutes. I do this in the aircon when my weather is too hot for walking. I haven’t managed to get above 1 1/2 mins… feels like I’ve run around the block…puff puff.

    • Terrible Debbie it’s very draining when the heat is constant and as you say it makes it difficult to do much. It’s cool here about 20, so we are able to go walking, had a small amount of rain nothing of significance really it’s a shame.

    • 20 sounds like heaven. We have had weeks and weeks of above 35, add in humidity and it is terrible.

    • Yes I can imagine, any heat over 30 knocks me around but that’s nothing new for me, it’s ok if only for a while. I bet it’s nicer in winter and you have a more moderate temp.

    • See not all bad, our last winter we had snow in our yard, first time -3 most mornings reasonably hard to remove the doona and put my foot on the floor and get out of bed. It’s gloves scarfs coats just for a walk lol, we should have two houses Debbie north and south and just migrate when we need.

    • So Gerry what up with your eggs, and how do you tell if they are fresh or not. We are all ears, sorry eyes.

    • Christina Smith you don’t have to contribute..but the info is useful and I learnt something ..isn’t that what it is also about?

    • Yes I found it great but already knew about the floating egg, having reached 64 I found it out years ago.

  3. Fortunately my daughter has a property about 15min away and she has chickens, so when I need them I get them off her.

    • I buy mine from a friend who has chooks – 1 or 2 dozen each week. Cheaper (not really an issue) but so much better than shop bought ones. I dont need that many so give some to my daughter who does a lot of cooking and has a family to care for. Nothing like ‘fresh’.

  4. Very interesting. I have been concerned about many of the eggs we have been getting. I will now try this out. Years ago, as children, we were very lucky to get eggs from our grandmother who had chooks. They were the best.

  5. Meryl  

    I’ve been doing this forever, but didn’t know the actual age…that’s good to know. I just knew if they sink they’re fine, if they float they’re not.
    Also if you want to know if an egg (in its shell) is boiled you put it on a hard flat surface and spin it. Fast spin means it’s solid (cooked), sluggish spin, it’s raw. I’ve had to do this on occasion.

  6. I get my eggs from my daughters chooks. Free range and never more than a couple of days old.

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