How to donate to those who need it most this Christmas

Every year we celebrate Christmas with our family and loved ones, but sometimes we get so caught up in the rush to buy gifts that we can forget that there are some who will be going without this Christmas.

While some want a big barbecue or new iPad, there are others who would just love a new blanket or toy.

So where do you start if you want to donate this Christmas? You can make a meaningful donation to any of the below organisations and rest easy knowing your present will be appreciated and definitely not regifted or thrown away!


Wishing Tree at Kmart

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Since 1988, Kmart and The Salvation Army have worked together to help families in need, collection more than 500,000 gifts every year. The Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal is Australia’s largest Christmas gift appeal and even if you can’t make it into a store, you can make Christmas beautiful for someone by buying a Kmart eCard here. Your grandchildren will love picking out a present for another child and will be able to learn the meaning of giving.

You can make a cash contribution by…

  1. Taking a gift tag to any Kmart register and let our team members know the amount you would like to contribute.
  2. Donating in the collection boxes located at Kmart cash registers.
  3. Donating online.


Fair trade gifts from Oxfam

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Oxfam  is a world-wide development organisation that mobilises the power of people against poverty. They provide people with the skills and resources to help them create their own solutions to poverty and they operate Oxfam shops across Australia and online. Why not buy a fair trade gift from a community in need? The money goes towards long term sustainable trading relationships with 136 producer groups in 38 countries, including Australia.

You’ll fall in love with the beautiful crafts they have on offer, what better way to find a unique and meaningful gift?

Buy, browse or donate here


The Smith Family Christmas Appeal 2014

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Today, 1 in 10 Australian children are living in jobless families. These children don’t have access to the same learning opportunities as their more advantaged peers, so when they start school, they’re already behind. The Smith Family helps disadvantaged families and any donation will ensure disadvantaged Australian children receive critical, out-of-school learning support.

If you have some money to spare, why not improve the quality of a child’s life this Christmas? You could change their future.

Donate here


Variety Santa Fun Run

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Be a Claus for a cause! The annual Variety Santa Fun Run is Australia’s most festive event taking place in every major city across the country, supporting Aussie kids who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs.

You can walk or run the 5km in your Santa suit, all for a great cause.

Register for $49 and find out more here



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Sometimes when you give to a charity, you’re unsure what to buy. Givit is a charity that identifies the needs of the community and puts a call out for an item or service.

They urgently need items ranging from iPads to mops to clothes and an alarm clock.

Commit to help here


Charity Christmas cards

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Order Christmas cards and have the proceeds go directly to a charity of your choice! Feel good about your purchase whilst helping out those who are sick or disadvantaged this Christmas

Simply select your cards, pick a charity and customise your message – here



UNICEF’s vision is of a world where the basic rights of every child will be met. Get some change from your Christmas shopping this year – from polio vaccines to footballs, UNICEF have the perfect gift for each and every special person in your life. UNICEF’s range of charity gifts start from $16.

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When you buy an Inspired Gift you will receive a beautiful card describing your life-changing gift, to give to your loved one.

Get started now here! Simply choose a gift, personalise your card and watch the smile unfold on their faces.


Adopt a pet WWF

Pet adoption doesn’t mean you have to take care of a pet yourself. Take the stress away from usual pet adoption by making a monthly charitable donation to adopt an endangered animal via WWF! When you adopt, your gift will go towards protecting a range of endangered animals and will be supporting WWF’s essential conservation work.

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This is the perfect gift for a child (or adult!) – the adoption pack includes a Living Planet magazine, tiger factbook, tote bag, adoption certificate & sticker, plus a plush toy tiger.

Find out how to adopt here

Give Food

We must admit that we throw out a lot more food than we eat – in fact Australians throw out 20 per cent of what they buy every year. So instead of throwing away your leftover food, donate it to someone who needs it this Christmas via Give Now.

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Find out how and where you can donate in your state here


Other ways you can donate this Christmas:


What will you be giving this Christmas? What charities do you support? Tell us below.