How to decipher clothing wash symbols

Everyone loves that feeling of getting a new favourite item of clothing so when we wash it we want to

Everyone loves that feeling of getting a new favourite item of clothing so when we wash it we want to do it right and keep it looking good. The only problem is when you go to read the tag there are a million symbols that might as well be in another language. So we have included a little guide to decipher that code and allow you to look after your clothes so they can stay in good condition.

100216_ wash guide

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Are there any other day to day symbols that you need decoded?

  1. Put them in the washing machine, add soap powder, shut door, turn taps on, turn washing machine on, then come back and remove clothes from washing machine once the little “I’m finished tune” plays…..

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself Ruth, well done. It’s sad at our age to think we have to RE- LEARN everything from cleaning to cooking and even how to shop correctly, I think I will stick to my way!

    • My attitude exactly. It goes into the machine on cold wash and gets hung on the line. There are are a few things I take more care with but I rarely wear them anyway. If I look at an article of clothing that says Dry Clean Only I quickly put it back on the rack and look for something else.

    • Some articles with a Dry Clean Only label will tolerate gentle washing very well. It is often a matter of common sense. I think sometimes manufacturers put those labels on just to cover themselves.

    • Barbara Easthope I even ignore dry clean only in machine. 99out 100 is perfectly OK. just don’t use hot water.

  2. Considering rubbishy disposable clothing is all that I can afford,they all get chucked into the washing machine,kudo’s to whatever survives!

  3. I wash everything in the washing machine, but use a gentle appropriate cycle for woollens and delicates.

  4. Hmmm think i will stick to the way i have been doing it for the last 50 years thanks lol

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