How to clean your oven naturally

You’ve probably discovered that ovens are not an easy thing to clean. Or if you’re like me, you have simply avoided

You’ve probably discovered that ovens are not an easy thing to clean. Or if you’re like me, you have simply avoided the situation altogether… for weeks, months or longer. Sure, you may shine the window or wipe away accidental spills but when was the last time you did the thorough, deep clean? Luckily, we’ve found a few natural ways to clean your oven so you will finally be able to tick this task off your cleaning list!

Bicarb soda

Bicarb soda is a really effective natural cleaning solution. Simply, mix 1/2 cup of bicarb soda with a few tablespoons of water in a small bowl. This should create a spreadable paste – you may need to adjust the ratio as needed. Next, coat your oven in this mixture the best you can. Now my favourite part, just let it sit for a few hours (make sure your oven is turned OFF!). Then you’ll just need to wipe up the paste with a cloth and repeat until the baking soda residue is gone. This technique will help remove all that grease and grime build up.

Bowl of hot water

For those of you who already have a relatively clean oven, this technique will likely work for you. Place a large oven-safe bowl full of water onto the bottom rack. Then, turn your oven onto a high setting to bake for 20-25 minutes. Once your oven has cooled, the steam will have loosened any grime so you’ll just need a damp cloth to wipe it clean.

Another tip:

Care for your oven in-between big cleanings by placing a baking sheet on the bottom rack. This baking sheet will help catch spills and overflows and can be easily cleaned afterwards!

How often do you clean your oven? Do you have any other tricks to keep your oven clean? Share with us below!

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  1. Good tips but so many things aren’t suitable for a gas oven.

    • No it’s not Owen as the burners are in the base of my oven therefore there are holes in the bottom of the oven to allow the heat to come up and there is definitely no way you can place anything in the bottom of the oven to catch drips! Rosanna I have had this cooker for years but it is a La Germania free standing cooker with gas hot plates and oven.

  2. Ages ago I was told the best way to clean the racks was to put them in the laundry tub, cover with hot water and add a good handful of Napisan or similar. Leave for a while, then the gunk comes off with a light scour from a blue kitchen scourer. It works a treat.

    • I have one of those mats that go in the bottom of the oven; bought it at one of those discount places; very handy too.

  3. I bought a new oven in September….have not used it so don’t have to clean it! I use my air fryer instead

    • Like Carol…Hardly turned the oven on over the past 2 years so only occasionally wipe out as love my air fryer too!!

    • Jill, I cook small roasts in mine,as there are only 2 of us.
      It is a Kitchen Chef, and has a squareish drawer and removable basket..

    • There is a group on Facebook called Air Fryers United, that have lots of recipes and tips for the air fryers if you are interested

  4. Leave racks overnight in laundry trough cover with hot water & liquid sugar soap,most of the gunk will come off under running water,maybe a little jex here & there have been cleaning them this way for years,works for me…

  5. Another great way of keeping your oven clean is Don’t use it, just a thought 👀😉🙄🤔

  6. The best trick is to call in the oven cleaners. The only hard work will be opening the wallet to pay them. 😎😜

  7. I cleaned the glass with bi carb soda bad mistake got between the glass and now have white powder in between

    • Remove glass to clean, first remove screws from plastic strip on top of oven door, glass should now slide out.

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