How many of you here take nude selfies?

34f33b0Everyone is apparently doing it – not me, I must declare, but everyone else! Are you taking nude self-taken photos (selfies) and carrying them around on your phone? Seems nuts to me. Surely I am not the only prude on the planet? There must be a few people over 60 too… We’re about to find out.

Dozens of Hollywood stars have faced nearly a month of embarrassment after the nude selfies from their phones have been exposed through iCloud hacking. And while it is, by the sounds of it, quite easy to look them up, I’m just not that interested! Frankly I just completely fail to understand why Hollywood superstars would be walking around with nude photos of themselves on their phones. And not just B grade celebrities: the real A grade ones like Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Kate Upton and now Kaley Cuoco, Anna Kendrick and Kim Kardashian are said to have been hit in a new wave released yesterday.

Were they inviting controversy and tempting fate by taking nude selfies and saving them in the cloud? Surely they were smart enough to understand the risk? Many of the tweets by Hollywood superstars deploring their nude selfies were met with responses like  “Stop posing nude on camera, dummy”.

Now I know that by saying that they might be responsible for creating their drama themselves I am in essence arguing that this is like a teenage girl is “asking for it” by wearing a short skirt, but I can’t help myself. I mean WHY would you take and keep a nude selfie? Even if they were taken in the most personal moments, why would you carry them with you on your mobile devices?

Apparently I am part of a small few who haven’t taken a nude selfie… Maybe you are too? I haven’t even taken a topless selfie…Apparently I am tame!

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Maybe I am not insecure enough about my body to need approval for it. Maybe I am too insecure to want attention for it! Maybe I don’t want to be judged by a picture of my wobbly bits or my firm bits. Maybe I think nudity is for inside the privacy of my own home. Am I the last of a totally moral generation? I don’t think many of my 40-something friends would be carrying around nude selfies.

Perhaps I am not the best benchmark by which “normal people” operate. Only rarely in my life have I sunbathed topless, and only ever in a foreign country where none of my friends were. I also have never watched a porn movie nor sought out porn online.

But plenty of those younger than me are much more comfortable with their bodies and trusting the world with photos of them.

When I randomly asked some friends in their twenties and early thirties the other day if they had nude selfies, they met me with smirking silence. They all had! I couldn’t believe it!

It seems that everyone younger then me is doing it: in a survey by Cosmopolitan magazine, 88% (yes 88%!!!) of women surveyed said they have taken nude selfies! Now we know the average Cosmo reader looks nothing like a Starts at 60 reader, but nonetheless, it is an interesting statistic. Could that be your daughter or son carrying a nude pic around?

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I did like the advice of one article that I read last week for those who really do want to take and carry nude selfies… “Always crop your face out, darling. Your lover will still know it’s you”.


So today I am compelled to give you the opportunity to tell us the truth anonymously about whether you, our Starts at 60 readers have ever taken a nude selfie…  Tell the truth now I say with a smirk! 

Share your thoughts on the selfie today!

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image: Linkedin