How did Roger Federer do that? He’s unreal!

You’ve got to give it to Roger Federer, the tennis ace sure knows how to overcome those obstacles. In his

You’ve got to give it to Roger Federer, the tennis ace sure knows how to overcome those obstacles.

In his match against Marin Cilic the scoreboard was not in Federer’s favour — 6-7 4-6 3-3 0-40 — and it looked like he was going to bow out of this year’s Wimbledon tournament. It would hardly be surprising though, at 34, Federer is considered an ‘old guy’ in the game.

What also isn’t surprising is the seven-time champion’s fighting spirit and even when he was staring down the barrel of match point two games later he found just what he needed to pull himself out of the sinkhole and on to victory.

It was a nerve-wracking quarter final match in which the Swiss showed us exactly what has made him the ultimate champion, winner of 17 grand slam titles.

“When you’re down two sets to love, three all, love-40, it’s a moment when it’s not in your control anymore,” Federer said after setting up a semi-final with Canadian Milos Raonic.

“There were many more match points in my mind than just three today. But I fought, I tried, I believed. At the end I got it done.”

But how he did it has left us scratching our heads. It’s unbelievable!

Are you watching Wimbledon? Federer’s win has been described as an act of ‘courage’. When have you been courageous?

  1. Deaglan  

    Now Aussies can see what dedication Nick needs to employ to become a champ, and not a chump!

  2. This man is amazing. Went to bed thinking he was going to be out. Just goes to show what sort of player he is.

  3. K Sheedy  

    Roger is always worth staying awake to watch his matches, and going to bed early this morning was no exception. Well done.
    What a great chanpion and roll model he is.

  4. It sure was a nail-biting game. 2 sets down and then come out winner with the next 3 sets just shows what a true champion he is. Goodluck with the semi’s Roger….

  5. Champions do that and Roger is a champion not only in tennis, but in comportment in public – always gracious and elegant – he is the best role model for any young sportsmen and women. Nick Kygios will never have the stature of this man because he was never taught to how to behave graciously by his parents. His mother thought he was just great when he insulted Roger Federer’s mate, Stan Wawrinka last year. Roger is not someone you want to get on the wrong side of, he’s got a lot of influence with the tennis worldwide management, so bad-tempered Nick should start thinking about that.

  6. Jean Knight  

    Good on you Roger, thought you were gone for sure.
    Maybe the younger Australian males could take a leaf from his book, especially
    how to behave on court., I cringe when I watch Kyriokas play, wondering how much bad
    language he will use, or challenge the umpire.

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