Here’s how to store your loyalty cards on your phone so you never have to carry them again!

There are many stores which offer great loyalty programs, however if you check your wallet and find it is already

There are many stores which offer great loyalty programs, however if you check your wallet and find it is already bulging with cards then you need to read this tip!

The Stocard is an app that can be downloaded onto your smartphone and used as a virtual wallet. It has a high-tech camera scanner that allows you to scan and add your pre-existing loyalty cards within seconds. All you’ll need to do at your favourite shop is bring up your loyalty card digitally on your phone’s screen.

With no registration necessary you can search for your loyalty card from the 200 loyalty cards already established in the app such as Everyday Rewards, flybuys and Myer One. If you can’t find your loyalty card you can simply upload and add it to the app via “other loyalty cards” feature.

Android users can download it here

Apple users can download it here


via Itunes Store

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  1. A great idea SAS however the loyalty cards I have need to be stamped when you go to your favourite store, unless you can check in electronically I can’t see how it would be to your advantage. Could you please let me know how this works?

    • Trish Daley thanks so much for your comment. We’re not aware of an app that allows you to get cards stamped by particular shops. Cheers 🙂

    • Correct, I have only one card that is electronic and when I get to my hairdresser I have to check in, which in turn stamps my card electronically.

  2. Have done this some time ago – problems arise when the store’s check-out machines don’t read off your phone – Oh the huffing and puffing of check-out staff who actually have to type in the numbers!!!I’ve sometimes wondered it it’s worth having the cards at all.

  3. I use the Stocard App. Only problem is that some don’t scan And even when shops type in the number it doesn’t always register. I still carry all the cards just in case. Just not in my purse now.

  4. So cool, have just done this and scanned half my cards so far. But will just keep them in my purse until l get to use it first, for justin.

  5. Second that …i love this app and only once did it not work when the card needed to be scanned but i belong to 8 different clubs too many to carry plus store cards

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