Help! What car should I buy?

Buying a car can be a very stressful and tedious, not to mention costly. One of our readers Gail wrote

Buying a car can be a very stressful and tedious, not to mention costly. One of our readers Gail wrote to us this week, asking for advice on which car to buy.

“I currently have a Holden astra which is proving expensive. I would love your readers to recommend a new car to buy – I have a sedan but would consider a hatchback”.

Do you have any suggestions for Gail? What car do you drive?

  1. A bit more info would be helpful. EG, does she need to carry g’kids, how many km/yr, what price range.

  2. Depends what you like, what you need and how much you have to spend. But don’t buy something you hate, even if it’s good value.

  3. Gail Robertson  

    Having recently gone through this myself, I feel I have some sort of knowledge. What do you need the vehicle for? Do you need to carry more than two people regularly? If so, be sure to check leg room in rear seats. Do you carry a lot of gear around? If yes, then a Hatch is good or most sedans now have the option of lying down the rear seats and creating more room. Low Km’s for the age of the vehicle can sometimes be misleading. Always go for a vehicle that has log books, so you can check that it has been maintained properly. Always go with a reputable dealer. My thoughts on buying privately, is that you have no come back if something goes wrong. If buying privately tell them you want it to be inspected by the RAA (or equivalent). I use Redbook to check information on the vehicle I have in mind. You can check it’s fuel economy etc. You can also find reviews on most vehicles via Google. I personally would go for a good used car instead of a new car. Shop around and talk to people. Stick with known brands…you by cheap and nasty, you get cheap and nasty. Having worked for a couple of hire car companies as well, has given me the opportunity to drive a variety of vehicles and get first hand knowledge of them. Take your time, don’t rush and make sure you are given a good trade in on your existing vehicle.

  4. Pat zammit  

    I drive approx 35kms a day in city traffic, I use half a tank (about $30) a fortnight. I drive a Prius C which is a small hatchback but enough room for 4 people, cost me $30,000 3 years ago. I love it.

  5. Pat zammit  

    Whoops sorry should be 70 kms a day, I forgot about coming home

  6. Ann  

    I just bought a Mazda CX5. I needed a bit more room to fit two child seats and another child across the back. I was surprised my insurance was about the same for my 2007 Corolla Ascent as my new car which is about 6 times the value.

  7. All of the Japanese/Korean cars are pretty good these days…….it is more a matter of where you can get the best deal. If you are buying new then I would look at the Kia range. Reliable cars and have the best warranty at 7 years which for people our age is very appealing.

  8. Susan Bell  

    Toyota Corolla, recommended by mechanics I know and an RACV mechanic. Easy to get in and out of, great vision, go forever, I have a hatchback, my son has our old station wagon, really great cars that do not break down.

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