Help Starts at 60 win a People's Choice Award in the Media Industry!

Building Starts at 60 to the size and scale you can see today has been the crazy project of our founder, Rebecca Wilson, and not without enormous challenge.

But today, we sit here as one of the most quickly grown, and most highly engaged media sites in the country (that is, people comment on our site more than on most other media sites in Australian and New Zealand). As many of you recognise, over 60s are really underserviced online. For the last two years we have fought hard, determined to make a great place on the internet for you, without a paywall, knowing how special over 60s are, and how much you enjoy the honest conversations we have here. And today, we ask for your help.

We have been nominated for a “People’s Choice” award in the B&T Women in Media Awards, but to win it, or even to get our site to be better understood and supported across Australia for what we do for people, we need your help.

We would love for you to vote for our founder, Rebecca Wilson on this survey and show the media industry how special and how engaged the over 60 is online! In fact, we can’t do it without you!


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Click on this link

And hurry… the awards voting closes very soon!

Thanks! We love you all, and it would help us enormously!

From the Starts at 60 team


If you want to read more about the awards we’ve been nominated for, you can visit B&T – one of the principal magazines in the media industry, here.