Help me! I’m suffering from really bad cramps

Many SAS readers know what pain feels like – we often receive messages that tell us about various ailments and

Many SAS readers know what pain feels like – we often receive messages that tell us about various ailments and what can be done to reduce the agony.

We received a particularly distressed message this week from Sandy:

Can anyone help me? At the moment I’m suffering from really bad cramps everywhere in my body even my neck when I yawn. I’m taking a calcium and magnesium supplement but it doesn’t seem to be helping much. I have fibromyalgia and get asthma. It’s very painful so would really appreciate any helpful tips. Thanks in advance.

Do you have any advice for Sandy?

  1. I don’t think you need our advice. I think you need to see your doctor. Surely that is the best person to help you. I hope you feel better sooner rather than later.

  2. I was told to put a cake of soap under the bottom sheet of your bed down near your feet , they tell me it works !!

  3. I agree with Helen. Make your doctor your first port of call sooner rather than later. All the best.

  4. Get a referral to a rheumatologist for your fibromyalgia. you may find the recommended treatment very helpful. My wife did.

  5. you need to find out the reason for the cramps and treat that. I too suffer from lots of cramps and find it hard to get relief. I do aqua aerobics . That may help you. But see your doctor first.

  6. Over 80% of our immune system comes from the GUT….so thats a lot of gut flora needed for optimal health….maybe eliminate certain foods like wheat first you could be surprised at just doing that alone…..good gut health will decrease aches and pains dramatically.

  7. I saw my Dr about violent leg cramps & she told me to try Magnesium before, as she said, I prescribe you something toxic.
    It’s best to get one that is strong & only once a day.
    But it is also best to be fully informed.
    See your Dr.

  8. I FoFFor Sandy. Have had polymyalgia for many yrs. so I feel for you. On Drs prescription I take Mobic, one daily. Otherwise, I keep up the Magnesium supplement; also Mintec for the stomach cramps. I find heat helpful. Baths with epsom salts. Heat packs, even electric blanket. My doctor is also a great fan of Panadol Osteo, taken regularly as prescribed. I also have arthritis in feet, so all the above helps considerably as well as orthotics. Am not asthmatic so can’t help there. I believe the medications work if taken properly. Good luck.

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