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Driving a car is one of the first keys to freedom we get, so when that freedom is taken away

Driving a car is one of the first keys to freedom we get, so when that freedom is taken away or we have to forfeit our driver’s licence, it can mean a loss of confidence as well.

Starts at 60 community member Janine has just been told it’s no long safe to drive, and has a question for all of our readers:

My Doctor has said it is no longer safe for me to drive. I’ve sold my old car, checked out some mobility scooters and put a deposit on one, but reality is finally clicking in. I have lost my independence. I have to get an “Adult Proof of Age Card” as I have to hand in my driving licence and need photo ID to drive the scooter around. Can anyone tell me if I can get insurance for the scooter? I will be joining the Orange Fluoro Flag club.

Have you also got a scooter? What is your advice for Janine? Tell us below.

  1. Yes you can get insurance. Get in touch with your insurance company. We use RACV so I know they do it. You will have a whole new feeling of independence. Good times ahead.

  2. In qld you take letter from Dr to transport dept along with papers of model color etc of scooter and it gets registered no cost and insurance cover third party property

  3. I remember telling my 83y dad after we moved in with him, it was to dangerous to drive and I’d drop him off to bowls, he said he’d arrange for a fellow bowler to pick him up every Wednesday, I opened the door to Jack only to discover he was 98y, and he was never going to stop driving. It’s a worry sometimes.

  4. Ann  

    I have one here to sell. It belonged to my next door neighbour who has gone into a nursing home. It is brand new, never used, he got sick just after they bought it. It is navy blue and has a basket on the front and a bag on the back to transport things. It is a Shoprider brand, large size. They paid $3800 new and would like $2500. If you live in the Sydney south west area and are interested contact me via this space.

  5. I read the other day that the RAA is offering insurance and roadside assist, in south Aussie.

  6. Since 2006 I have owned 4 mobility scooters. As I live in the bush they do tend to take a bit of a beating! The first (which cost $4,000) lasted for 2 years before a friend totalled it accidently. It was a brand called Karma – big wheels, simple controls, comfortable and responsive.
    The second was a cheapie ($2,500) and I learned my lesson there – it lasted all of six weeks before the motor died. The cost of freighting it back to the shop and then back to me was close to the original cost so…
    Number 3 ($5,500 – blew out the Visa card ) is tough, large wheels, great suspension, big batteries, quick off the mark, and has two speed settings – low (up to 5kph) for on footpaths and high for roadways. Now as I have a bit of trouble with judging distances at close range, I tend to have more than a few collisions with stationary objects. The tough plastic body took it all in its flexible stride! Range is a shade under 80 kilometres, which has certainly come in handy on the odd occasions that an electricity outage has lasted more than a couple of days. This one is still going strong nearly 8 years and 20,000 kms later.
    Number 4 ($4,500) – is the same as number 3, but when such a price drop was offered and the (probably due to the high Aussie $ at the time and a new model being released) I figured that it was time to buy a spare in case the other expired before I did. Number 4 is used as my ‘Sunday Scooter’.
    Based on my experience I recommend buying from a place that offers good warranty (3 & 4 came with 4 years warranty), large wheels, tough body, and good ground clearance. I have been able to add the scooter to my normal household insurance as well.

  7. I have a scooter and have it insured with RAC. WA. As far as I know we don’t need to be registered.

  8. I gave up driving whilst I could still consider it calmly, and before my wife would be too old to take over the driving duties. I now drive a scooter (with orange flag) and it is amazing how much confidence and independence it has given me. By the way, I still have my licence, just don’t use it.

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