Help avoid another senseless death on our streets with these home security tips

In the wake of the shocking murder of a Perth grandma this week it seems imperative we rethink our home

In the wake of the shocking murder of a Perth grandma this week it seems imperative we rethink our home security measures for our own and our family’s safety. Valeria Fermendjin’s was attacked in her home by multiple burglars this week and died as a result of her injuries.

Burglary is alarmingly common in Australia with most robberies happening while people are out of the house during the day. It’s unpleasant to hear but thankfully there are lots of small things you can do to increase the safety of your home without breaking the bank.

Take a look at the list below for our best safety tips:

1. Conceal items in bookshelves
You can easily buy fake books and folders online to hide your valuables. These handy disguises can be used to store jewellery and other small items you might want to keep hidden away. You can also place items like iPads and Kindles in them to keep them safe when you’re not using them.

2. Don’t leave empty boxes on the street
New products like TVs or computers often come in bulky boxes that are hard to fit in the bin, so it’s tempting to place them next to the bin on the side of the road. This is like a calling card for potential burglars though and scream ‘look at what I have inside my house!’. Take the time to break down the boxes and place them in the bin; you can even take the extra precaution of placing them at the very bottom of the bin.

3. Leave a light on
It seems like an obvious one but this is definitely an effective way to deter people from trying to enter your home while you’re out as they’re less likely to take the risk if they think you might be home. You can use this technique when you’re home too to make it look like there are more people the house. Turn on the bedside lamp while you’re in the living room or leave a bathroom light on while you’re cooking dinner.

4. Buy a ‘Beware Dog’ sign
These signs are a great way of warning off burglars who don’t want to run the risk of arousing suspicion from loud barking. It does’t even matter if you don’t have a dog, you just need the trick the burglar into thinking you do.

5. Don’t leave ladders and tools laying around
You might be used to leaving these items in the backyard but they can be a burglars best friend if they trying to break through a lock or climb to the top story of your home. Make sure you store ladders and tools away securely when you’ve finished with them.

6. Use window stoppers
A piece of wood or metal cut to fit your window is a simple and effective way to prevent anyone from opening your window from the outside. Measure the length of your window sill and cut a piece of wood or even an old curtain rod the fit the length.

7. Install motion lighting around the house
Motion lighting is a quick way to scare off any unwanted guests outside your home. They activate when someone walks within the sensor’s range and are a great way of alerting you when someone is nearby at night.

Have you ever been burgled? Do you have any other home safety tips?