Heartfelt words about Lady Diana and her sons, just weeks after her death

Conversations transcribed from 1997 have shown the pain that even world leaders experienced, following Lady Diana’s untimely death. Tony Blair

Conversations transcribed from 1997 have shown the pain that even world leaders experienced, following Lady Diana’s untimely death. Tony Blair and Bill Clinton described her tragic departure as “like a star falling”, and even spoke about princes William and Harry.

Their conversations have been released to the Clinton Presidential library, and originally took place in the days and weeks following Diana’s death. Here are some of the exchanges between former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and United States President Bill Clinton:

  1. Blair: We saw (Diana) again just weeks ago when we hosted her for lunch with Prince William, he’s a great kid.
    Clinton: Yeah, I worry a lot about those kids now.
    Blair: She was such a rock of stability in the sense she connected them with the outside world. The eldest boy, William, is quite like her in a way, he is very “feet on the ground”, he does things kids his age do.
    Clinton: Well, I just feel so bad for her. She was just basically getting a hold of her life.
    Blair: …The problem was the way she lived, in a press frenzy. It’s impossible to contemplate how intrusive it was, into every single aspect of her life.
  2. Blair: She was of the royal family but she was liked by ordinary people, it gave her problems with the royal establishment.
    Clinton: Well, I know it’s a difficult time for you. I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you.
    Blair: I will personally miss her, it’s like a star falling. She was a star for them.

These touching conversations highlight just how well-loved Lady Diana was. She continues to be missed, but it we are sure Diana would be proud of how William has started his own lovely family, and how Harry continues to carry out good work with the army and charity organisations alike.

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  1. Yes yes. A bright star falling. I can clearly see her in her beautiful sons. Oh how I wish Charles would fade away with his woman and then Wills take over from the Queen.

    • You are obviously an authority on this subject? As much as I loved Diana she was no saint. Of course your life must be perfect for you to judge Charkes

    • I think that history and time have now proved Charles was orchestrated into a marriage he didn’t want. It was sad for Dianna but I doubt there could have been a successful marriage, poor child that she was. She has though left a very great mark on the world with her humanity the love for her children and the change to royalty that we now enjoy. She also did have lovers in her life and seemed happy. Charles has obviously had a good influence on his sons as well, he’s been in their lives much longer than Dianna. He is a good man and should be allowed to enjoy his life with the one woman he’s always loved.

  2. I totally loved her and what she stood for and how she helped so many around the world feel better about their fates. Devastated whennshe was taken from us too soon.

  3. Beautiful lady. Loved her boys, and had a difficult journey with the whole world watching. ๐Ÿ’

  4. I’ve never really been a royalist but her death really affected me. Perhaps it was because I was the mother of 2 sons too….I don’t know why but I sobbed through her funeral. Such a waste.

  5. Interesting looking back. President Clinton had no reason to worry about the young Princes, they had a wonderful father to see them through the toughest time in their young lives.

  6. Do you think Diana was the only influence in these boys lives. They have had years with Charles and he has done a great job. Do you believe your children are only influenced by one of you. It takes two sets of genes and input from both parents if they are both in the childs life. Two lovely young men thanks to both parents .

  7. As an English woman adored her so much. She did so much for such great causes. Adored her boys so much. Her death touched everyone not only us Royalist. A much loved English Rose was our Diana๐ŸŒนโค๏ธ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

  8. She was a beautiful caring person and the world knew her and Charles had problems but he is a fantastic dad and he and his sons are very close. When i watched her funeral i just wanted to give those boys a hug. I would hate to be a royal, you live your life in a fishbowl.

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