Have you been using your fan incorrectly? These two simple tricks will cool you down instantly

It’s been so hot lately but could your fans be causing more discomfort than relief? The experts say yes, they

It’s been so hot lately but could your fans be causing more discomfort than relief? The experts say yes, they could be!

Last night was one of the hottest on record but if it seems like your fan was just pushing the hot air around, chances are it was.

Eco Design adviser Nelson Lebo says it might be because you’re using your fan ineffectively.

He told NZ Herald pointing a fan out a window was far more effective than having it blowing in a room.

“It’s physics,” he said. “You want to blow hot air out and have cold air coming in.

“Even if there’s warm air in the house, when air is moving, it feels cool on our bodies.”

The “chilly bin” method was another alternative, he said. “This is actually more effective. The idea is to make your house like a chilly bin (esky).

“Keep your windows, curtains and doors closed during the day so cool air from the night before remains inside and hot air from the day can’t get in.”

But perhaps our second favourite tip was to do with the settings on the actual fan – did you know there’s a switch?

On the base of your ceiling fan, there is a switch that is marked Summer or Winter. Depending on the climate, move the switch. As you can see by the diagram, this will change the direction of the air flow, in turn cooling you down more in summer, and less in winter.


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Did you know these tricks? Will you try them?

  1. Pff! not when the temperatures are in the mid 30,s they are useless..just blow the hot air around thats all…fans are good for temperatures well under 30 degrees….experience of over 25 years in hot summers tells me that!

  2. Not all fans have it for the ppl madly looking and can’t locate the summer/winter switch.

    • Judy  

      My brother-in-law and I looked and looked at my (rented) BR fan, and never did find the directional switch. Then one day out ot the blue I asked a tall friend of mine to check it out – lo and behold there is actually a switch for direction! Who knew!?

  3. When it’s hot the secret is to open doors and windows to let fresh air in and for ceiling fans, put them on a low speed. High speed doesn’t cool you as effectively. Pedestal fans should be set to rotate.

    • Judi Baker Sorry Judy, we lived in the tropics for 30 years. Low fan speeds are the way to go. It allows the cooling effect from the evaporation of sweat but does not evaporate it all which high fan speeds will. Try it sometime, you’ll be amazed.

    • Paul I lived in North Queensland and whether you have fans or aircon the best way is to keep windows etc shut during the heat on the day and open at night to bring in the cool air.

  4. My favourite tip was to run your a/c on dry mode in the humidity. Been doing that ever since I read about it on this site. My husband was sceptical but is now a convert. Thanks SAS.

  5. There is hardly ANY AIR BLOWING,in this town!.Worst year in 28 yrs I have lived here.( Don’t talk to me about Climate change).

  6. On a hot night I put a pedestal fan outside the back door, facing into the room, to blow cooler air into the house. Works a treat!

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