Have you been drinking and storing wine incorrectly?

Love your red or white wine? There’s a strong chance you’ve been storing and drinking it incorrectly all these years…

Love your red or white wine? There’s a strong chance you’ve been storing and drinking it incorrectly all these years…

Yup, it sounds ridiculous but in fact a recent study by local wine producer Taylors has found that 80 per cent of Aussies drink red wine at room temperature.

If you’re reading this and thinking so what? well, we have some bad news. Apparently, red wine should be served at room temperature… in France.

The experts say the level of warmth in Australian homes robs a decent red wine of its full flavour.

“The warm Australian climate is not so great for storing and drinking wine,” Taylors managing director Mitchell Taylor said.

“It’s an issue that most wine lovers don’t know is having a massive impact on their enjoyment and appreciation of wine”.

So why have we been doing it like that then? In medieval France, the average room temperature was 14C-16C.

As for white wine, it seems we too have been storing and drinking it incorrectly. If you pop it straight in the fridge once you buy it, that is a no-no. Drinking it chilled is also not optimal.

Taylors says drinking white wine that’s too chilly can dull its flavours, mask the aromas and increase its acidity.

To break to all down, the best rule of thumb is to put reds in the fridge 30 minutes before serving, and take whites out of the fridge 30 minutes before serving.

Taylors also says we can’t get these things right either:

  • Allowing the wine to breathe: Yep, you should actually be giving a few breaths into your wine before you begin drinking
  • Filling our glasses properly: Stop filling your glass to the top –  follow the marking on a glass or just fill it over half way to allow it to breathe and be swirled.
  • Holding our glasses: Don’t grab at the bowl of the glass, use the stem as your body heat could be ruining your wine otherwise
  • Ice: Don’t you dare! It’s ruining the taste.

Tell us, were you making any of these mistakes? Does it matter?

  1. I am definitely doing the wrong thing. I take my white wine out of the fridge 30 minutes before all right, but I put it in the freezer. Living in tropical Queensland I like it cold. I won’t be changing what I do.

  2. The “right way” is however you like it but I do agree that I prefer reds at less than an Aussie (or even centrally heated British) room temperature. As an aside, the idea that British beer should be a room temperature is also based on a cool cellar, not a room by a roaring fire.

    White wines? I keep it chilled–what they say may be right for the first sip or two but it rapidly warms up so most of the glass is about right…or at least to my taste.

  3. Told you so FFS
    Linda Hughes Emma Daley Michelle Valle Nicki Arnold Patricia Kathleen Hughes

  4. I agree with chilling the red wine – especially in the summer but prefer my white wine chilled and not warm in the summer especially…

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