Have we been using bandaids incorrectly?

Bandaids come in all shapes and sizes to cover different injuries. We have found one clever bandaid however that can

Bandaids come in all shapes and sizes to cover different injuries. We have found one clever bandaid however that can replace many, all you need is it and a pair of scissors! This life hack is a personal favourite of ours.

You will need one of these bandaids:

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 1.11.16 pm

And these are the two that you will no longer need to buy:

bandaid 3

The bandaid on the left is often used for cuts near the tip of a finger. To create it from our original bandaid you will need to cut out a triangle shape from each of the length edges, as seen in the image below:

bandaid 1.2

When applying this bandaid to a finger, take off the backing plastic from one side and seal it around your finger:

bandaid 1.3

Do the same around the opposite side of your finger to completely seal the bandaid:

Bandaid 1.4

The second bandaid is great to use when the cut is close to a finger joint. This time triangle shapes will need to be removed from the shorter edgers of the bandaid:

Bandaid 2

Your bandaid should now look like this:

Bandaid 2.1

This bandaid can be placed on your finger like so:

bandaid 2.2

Bandaid 2.3

Hopefully this has helped keep those tricky cuts covered and saved you from buying an excess number of bandaids. Do you have any other tips like this that you think others would benefit from?


  1. The tips for bandaid use are great (I do hate that term “hack”). But we are not using bandaids incorrectly, this tells us how to use one style of bandaid instead of two different ones. Certainly very useful suggestions.

  2. All a bit silly to do when you are ‘bleeding to death’ from a nasty cut finger.

    • I think there is an assumption that either you have a friend on hand or you prepare the bandaids earlier πŸ™‚

    • Can’t prepare them earlier, as they’re not sterile once the envelope is opened…..

    • Well, maybe you could put a couple of the ordinary ones on to stop the bleeding. After a cuppa and a stiff drink to re vigorate, settle the nerves and replace the lost circulating blood volume, you could then perhaps sit at the computer, google “how to cut a bandaid” , find the scissors, and the appropriate sized Bandaids of course if you have them, and set about the task. Then, after messing up all the appropriate sized Bandaids, having either cut all the way through or the wrong way, you will need another stiff drink and a good lie down. After a rest, you will then have to drive to the chemist/supermarket to get more Bandaids, and while there you would have to replenish the stiff drink supply. Nup…better stick with the ordinary ones to start with.

  3. These x shaped band aids have been made for the military for years, but I have never seen them available to the public. A friend gave me a bag of them years ago & I was very sad to use the last of them.

  4. You are joking!!! Another thing we’ve been doing wrong. So sick of all this crap about doing things right or wrong.

  5. I thought this was common knowledge, can’t remember where or when I first learned it. πŸ™‚

  6. Why stuff around with that when one can use 3M Vet Tape. It’s self adhesive, reuseable, breaths and stays on. I get mine from the local horse supplies. It’s the same brand as the chemist and much cheaper. B|

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