Has this new break-up trend taken things too far?

There are many ways to deal with a relationship break-up.

How have you dealt with a relationship break-up in the past?

Go on a rebound date? Just sit at home and eat your body weight in ice-cream or chocolate – or both? Listen to depressing break-up songs and cry your eyes out?

What about going to boot camp? No, not the one that’s bound to get you in tip-top shape through extreme exercise, although that’s not a bad idea. This is a break-up bootcamp, helping heartbroken people heal.

It’s a weekend long retreat that will set you back around $US1,700 ($AU2,200) but it offers a heap of healing activities. Yoga and meditation are on offer, as well as sessions with a psychologist and a life coach. 

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According to relationship columnist Amy Chan, who founded the Renew Breakup Bootcamps held in New York, it also promises healing for the heartbroken, reports ABC News

“Five years ago … I was dating someone that I thought was going to marry,” Chan told ABC News. “When that relationship fell apart abruptly, I completely fell apart.”

“I tried everything to get better. I realized that there needs to be something to help people who are going through this very pivotal stage in their life.”

What’s the most extreme thing you’ve done following a relationship break-up?