Happy days and nights: how to feel sexy again


Do you have difficulty feeling sexy?

Do you feel like you are moving through life as if you were living in a pot of molasses?


I lost my sexual mojo 9 years ago, when I underwent a complete hysterectomy, which is really akin to female castration.  It has taken me years to get my libido back by eliminating my sugar addiction, paying close attention to my hormones, nutri-logic food (nutrition and supplements) and exercise.

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I have been a devoted wife to the same man with whom I am lucky to often share tender or steamy intimate moments – even after almost 35 years of “married bliss”. I have also been a mother to two gorgeous adopted girls, who now have acquired their wings to fly – even though I still sometimes like to hover above them, when necessary, if you know what I mean! I reckon I have done my duty to my family and close friends, and I am now taking time out occasionally just for myself.

Does the above sound familiar to you, and do you now, at this moment in your life, feel like you want to find your sexy self again too?

Once you get to around 50 years of age, you are going to have to address your declining hormones in order to reclaim feeling sexy again. When we are young, we are hormonally hardwired to feel sexy when our hormones are working naturally in perfect symphony. With advancing age though, this balance becomes seriously disrupted due to various different factors.

Before modern living and the advent of supermarkets, summer was the only time in the year that we had access to an abundance of fruit i.e. sugar. We would indulge in those foods copiously and consequently be piling on the weight, ready for the winter, when we had to do without.

This “overconsumption” of sugars for a very short period of time also made us feel downright charming! We then enjoyed lots of sex during the warm summer months, in order to get a “bun” in the oven before the cold set in. The following wintertime, we would grow large with child and live off the fat we had accumulated during the summer. In the spring, we would pop a little sprog without too much difficulty and breastfeed it for at least 4-5 years. Due to the prolactin released during breastfeeding, we could have as much sex as we wanted for the next few years, but would not fall pregnant, call it latter day birth control!

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Fast forward a few thousand years, where we now have access to fruit 24/7 and we eat pre-prepared foods laden with hidden sugars/salt. Our bodies simply were not designed to deal with such vast amounts of sugar and salt continuously, and as a result we are now getting fatter and fatter and sadly feeling less sexy.

Ergo our sex drive has literally gone into the toilet. The over consumption of sugar directly affects our intricate natural hormonal balance, especially the sex hormones, and makes us less inclined to want and enjoy sex.

There is a simple solution though: try a balanced diet with lots of fresh veggies and some good quality meat and dairy and avoid gluten, as this gives you an unwanted sugar hit every single time.

If you are menopausal, consider plant-based identical hormone replacement therapy. There is a fantastic book by T.S. Wiley: Sex, Lies and Menopause, which gives you a whole new insight into how our bodies have been designed. I concur with Wiley – if your hormones are in great shape, then you will stay juicy and sexy into old age. I, and several of my close friends, are on the Wiley Program, a plant-based bio identical hormone replacement.

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With regards to feeling sexy, I am now literally back to when I was 21 again. My chronological age supersedes my biological age by many, many decades. Thanks to this natural bio-identical hormone replacement program supported by good nutri-logic foods and specific high intensity exercise, I have reclaimed my sexy self – and so can you.

If you don’t want to use the Wiley plant-based hormonal program, due to the cost, then make sure you get:

– Plenty of exercise via a high intensity training program (3 x 20mins) per week, helping you to release those much needed human growth hormones (HGH).

– Stay off sugar as much as you can and remember all the hidden sugars in foods and drinks. Make some delicious raw food desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

– Absolutely avoid all grains (wheat, rye and barley) since they will raise your blood sugar levels within 60-90 minutes of consumption, resulting in hormonal imbalance leading to lower sex drive.

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– Consider changing your hairstyle, have a facial and advice on how to apply different make up for a new look.

– If you want to change your image dress wise, ask a friend who is always well dressed to come on a shopping spree with you and advise you on how to make your shape appear more sexy.

– And don’t forget, treat yourself to a nice and relaxing massage every once in a while – especially if you live on your own and don’t have a partner – touch is incredibly important, it has been known to reduce our cortisol (stress) levels fast.


As I am getting older, I am beginning to understand more and more that it is not necessarily about what one looks like or what we own. It is much more about the person that I have become:

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“Self-assured, sassy, compassionate yet not overly bothered about what others think of me and my not-so-perfect body any more, but most importantly, I still maintain one hell of a wicked twinkle in my wrinkle lined eyes!”



Are you still sexually active? What do you do to make yourself feel sexy? How has your sex drive been affected as you’ve gotten older? Share your stories with us today.


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