Hair stylist spills the secrets to a super-speedy blowdry

The new Dyson hairdryer promises to cut the drying time of older models like this in half.

Everyone has their own little hair-drying habits, whether yours is a quick rub with a towel or a drawn-out process involving rollers and a heavy-duty blowdryer. And if your technique involves a blowdryer, you know what a boring and time-consuming process it can be.

But hair stylist Anthony Nader, who’s worked on the lovely locks of Today’s Lisa Wilkinson, has told lifestyle site Whimn that those of us who’re wielding a blowdryer are doing it inefficiently. 

The celebrity stylist offered Whimn some tips on how to speed up the job.

Use the right brush: Thick hair needs a nylon brush, while thin hair needs a vent brush.

Get your dryer settings right: Curly girls should stick to a low hear, as should those with short hair, while straight hair can take medium heat. High doesn’t work for anyone.

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Section your hair: If you’ve got anything ore than short hair, slipping up sections of your hair while you dry others will prevent you from doing the same bits over and over again.

Angle your dryer: Shoot the warm air against the way your hair naturally falls for volume, or downwards along the natural fall for straight hair. Use a diffuser to put natural movement into your hair if you don’t want to be super-sleek.

Of course, if money is no object, you can skip all of this and just splash out on the new, crazily priced Dyson hairdryer. The company that makes fancy vacuum cleanings recently branched out into the beauty business with the launch of the Dyson Supersonic, which promises to cut your drying time in half.

Apparently Dyson spent almost $100 million over four years to perfect the dryer, which weighs far less than a normal hair dryer and doesn’t become as hot. That comes at a cost, though, of $499 for the basic model and $599 for the one with a fancy case. What price can you put on never having hair-drying arm ache ever again, though?

What’s your hair-drying secrets?