Guess what toy from our childhood is back with a makeover?

Do you remember when toy giant Mattel released the View-Master in the 1960s? It was the must have toy for everyone! Even though most of us were a little older and probably even “too cool” to use it, our siblings had one, our kids then had them, everyone we knew had a View-Master… And after a decade or so of non-existence due to technology superseding it, it’s back!

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The toy that uses cardboard discs to create slide images that can be cycled through has been given a makeover with some help from Google. It will now connect to a smart phone and uses the Google Cardboard platform… In truth we hadn’t heard of that yet but it will be fun learning!

Although this is a new kind of virtual reality, the product itself looks like a futuristic version of our old favourite thing so check it out in the video below!

Tell us, will you be getting one for your grandkids this year?