Guardian angels and their meaning in our life

You don’t have to be spiritual or even a believer in God to feel like you have a connection to

You don’t have to be spiritual or even a believer in God to feel like you have a connection to a higher power. It can often just be a feeling that someone is looking over you, but many people believe they have a guardian angel.

But although people claim they have a guardian angel, some have doubts to whether it is really a true phenomenon or if guardian angels are a figment of our imaginations. So, do guardian angels exist? Do they sometimes come to the aid and comfort of humans in need? Why do they appear to and help some people and not others? How can you find out if you have one? And how can you contact yours?

According a TIME magazine poll, 69 per cent of respondents said they believed in angels, and 46 per cent of that group believe they have a personal guardian angel. Of course there is no scientific evidence for angels, but the only “evidence” we have for their existence is religious affiliation and also anecdotes form people who have felt their guardian angel’s presence.

John Geiger is an internationally known explorer and author who has been investigating guardian angels, and spoke to ABC about his research.

“The stories are always similar — that there’s a sense of another being, a presence very vividly,” Geiger said. “There is never any fear or panic when this being appears. There is just a sense of calm, peace and a sense of benevolence, a sense that there’s something good there, something that will help them.”

“They will always say they heard a voice,” Geiger said. “I’ll say, ‘Was it audible? Would other people have heard it?’ [They’ll say,] ‘No, no, but I heard a voice,’ so there is a communication that’s happening inside them.”

“Humans are very resilient creatures,” Geiger said. “I think that the basis of that resilience, in part, is this capacity, this sense that we are not alone.”

Here are some anecdotes we have found:

“I was walking home from the hospital in the middle of the night. My husband had almost died and I wasn’t thinking of anything but him and finally being able to go home and sleep. I unconsciously took the quickest way home. The other streets were busier and safer and that was the way I always walked, even in the daylight. All of a sudden I felt a presence. It was a feeling like a mother gets when she “feels” exactly what her children are doing behind her. I felt a large being who expanded huge wings and wrapped them around me. It was a feeling of comfort I never felt before. Then I realised the path I was taking home and the fact that I was standing in the middle of a dark alley. I shudder to think what was down that alley that this being was protecting me from”.

“When I was about 13 yrs. old, me and my friend Barbara were diving and swimming in a muddy river. I dove into the river and got caught in a under water current. I couldn’t see which way was the top. I remember my lungs bursting, getting ready to collapse due to running out of air. I just gave up and my body went limp. Out of nowhere I felt hands grip my ankles and place them on the floor of the river. I immediately pushed myself straight up to the surface of the water. My friend was so glad to see me. She said I was under the water for a long time. There was no one around us. The only explanation I have is a guardian angel saved me”.

Contacting your guardian angel

People who believe in their guardian angel often feel them around when there are strange coincidences, close calls, and incredible turns-of-events.

However some believe you can determine your angel’s name by using the steps below.

Do you think this works? Let us know in the comments.

1. Find a private spot

Locate a spot where you can be by yourself, and are calm and comfortable.

2. Take off your shoes

Stand or sit without your shoes on.

3. Remove anything restricting

Take off any restrictive clothing or jewellery.

4. Close your eyes and concentrate

Concentrate on your breathing and try to empty your thoughts, even if it takes a few minutes.

5. Ask your angel’s name

After you’ve cleared your mind and you’re feeling relaxed, ask the question: What is my angel’s name?

6. Listen and receive

Then all you have to do is listen. Continue to breathe and keep your mind clear. Simply allow the name to come to you. It might happen right away, or it might take a very long time.

The name will come to you, and you’ll know that this is the name.


7. Listen out for the name

Once you have the name, pay attention for it in day-to-day life. It will likely pop up in the most unexpected places, like on television or on a street sign.

Believing in angels is very personal, and knowing or even believing they are watching over you can be very reassuring and calming.

Share your thoughts below – do you have a guardian angel?