Grandparents go to a modern music festival...

Ever wonder what it would be like at a music festival today? Whether you’d like it and have fun?

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A youth website has made a video of four over 70s who have never been to a modern-day music festival before, visiting a one of the world’s most raucous events, Bonnaroo as special guests and well, we’re rather flabbergasted. In fact, we’re not sure whether to find it completely condescending towards the older generation or smile at the fact that they are clearly having a good time being shown what the event is all about and experiencing it through their own frame. So we thought we’d throw it out to you for your feedback.

They did the silent disco, got to wonder at why they drink so much water there, and hung out on stage with VIP bands… just stopping for an afternoon nap in the chairs.

All in all, clearly produced by younger people who made it look like the older generation didn’t have Woodstock nor smoke weed, nor have any fun in their youth… And would not contemplate it now. I know many who would see this opportunity differently to the four people selected.

Perhaps you found some entertainment in it!