This woman’s reaction to becoming a grandma is absolutely priceless!

How to do react to good news? Do you scream, cry, swear, pray, believe, disbelieve – or all of the

How to do react to good news? Do you scream, cry, swear, pray, believe, disbelieve – or all of the above? That’s how it pans out for this woman, whose daughter Lyssa concocts an elaborate way to surprise her mum with the good news.

First, they sent a framed photo that said “Baby arriving in November” with Lyssa pointing to her stomach, but it took her mum a moment to catch on to the message.

Grandma-to-be’s reaction is so perfect in the way she moves through eight kinds of emotion and back to sheer joy in the space on one minute. From the dog jumping up to the laughter, to the voice getting more and more high-pitched as she rides a rollercoaster of emotion, this lovely clip brought tears to our eyes.

Do you remember the moment you first became a grandparent? How did you react? 


  1. I already had a fair idea my daughter was pregnant, but thought I better wait until she told me. We were sitting with another daughter having coffee when she decided it would be the right time, we went and bought baby clothes though I had already started buying stuff. Mother’s intuition.

  2. Actually I was absolutely shocked. I would not have liked a camera anywhere near me at that moment. I had word about it in a letter from our daughter in Townsville. I couldn’t comprehend it! I knew she was on the pill, but it happened anyway. She was only 17 years old, so you can imagine our concern. Once she expressed that she wanted to come home, we quickly paid the fair and she and her partner flew home. She turned 18 in March and our beautiful granddaughter was born mid April.

  3. We were told Christmas Eve 2014…I screamed, I cried and I laughed. On the 13 August we were blessed with a beautiful grandson. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him.

  4. I just said when my son rang me for my first grandson “” thank God, it’s over””, esp. When he told he’s healthy. Shed a tear or two, too. Wiggled a bit, dancing w/ a loud lalalala “song”😊😊

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