This woman’s rant about her child’s grandparents has made us very very ANGRY!

It’s not often we get hot under the collar here at Starts at 60, but an article published on a

It’s not often we get hot under the collar here at Starts at 60, but an article published on a popular parenting blog recently has us fuming. What’s worse, it’s been shared more than 1500 times!

Writing anonymously, a young mother says her four-month-old baby’s grandparents are “practically breaking into” their home because they want to… babysit him.

She goes on to say they have been “begging” since he was born and that she has made numerous excuses to turn them down.


The mother writes, “I don’t trust them. I don’t trust them to look after my precious little boy safely.

“In my opinion, there is a big generational difference in looking after babies.

“Back in my parent’s baby days, they would sleep babies on their stomachs or sides. They would prop their little heads on pillows and wrap them with loose blankets that went over their heads to keep them warm.

“They would pop their dummy in a little brandy to get them to sleep through the night and stop crying. They would give them water thinking the baby was thirsty. They would chug beer to increase their breast milk supply.”

The author claims she has tried talking to her parents about today’s safety recommendations but that her parents won’t listen. She says she worries that, should she leave them alone with her baby, they will rush to dip the dummy in brandy to “prove” they know better than any “parenting expert”.

It should be noted at this point that the woman says she has no problem leaving her baby with her friends, even if they don’t have children, but still doesn’t trust her own mother who raised four children!

This is ageism at its worst. Does she think her child’s grandparents can’t listen? Can’t take direction from someone younger? Are too doddery to remember there’s a child in a bassinet somewhere?

Do you think this woman is being unfair on her parents? Have you ever felt your grandchild’s parents didn’t trust you to look after their baby? Do you think parents are a little dramatic these days?  



  1. Get a life, you’re alive and well aren’t you? They know how to care for a baby

  2. This woman doesn’t deserve these obviously caring parents that she has….she is alive and well, who the hell does she think raised her and cared for her and kept her alive and healthy…she really needs to get over herself.

    • Yes Lee you are possibly right. One day she will need them. I hope they refuse. But they won’t. They are parents and that never changes! !!!!!

    • Once she’s had another she may change her mind, especially when her friends start refusing. We are all pretty protective of our first child, not so much our 2nd and any more and we are just happy to have a break from them, no matter who looks after them. I know someone who says by the time the 3rd one comes along it doesn’t matter that they drink out of the dogs bowl.

    • I have followed what my daughter in law told me 11years ago and then no1 daughter told me what new rules were 7years ago and more recently with the last daughter last year . Things change every generation and we need to listen to these new mums. Thankfully I’m enjoying babysitting my adorable grand children

    • Does this girl really trust her friends that she THINKS she knows more than her own family? Unbelievable.

    • She is denying the most precious moments with their grandchild. When we babysit we always check what to do, when to feed and so on. This lass is very selfish

    • Well you anxiety-ridden fool, how do you think YOU survived? You are lucky to have parents who care… Many do not. If this escalates & you alienate these loving people, your child may end up resenting you.

    • An idiot alright…and an ungrateful one at that. I wonder if she’s got her CPR ticket to take care of her bubba yet? Oh wait…she’s perfect and knows it all…from Dr. Google no less.

    • Too many who think they know everything about raising babies, and think that grandparents have no idea, considering they may have had up to six children and did not have all the stuff that’s available today.

    • The biggest thing is her parents won’t be here forever! !!! Each day is very important

    • This poor child. What a selfish woman. I feel for the grandparents and the thought of not being involved with their grandchildren is very sad and even worse to have denied the child the bonding with grandparents.
      How did this women survive if not for her mum care. Awfull😦

    • No brandy no pillows and we drank activite to increase breast milk .Who would ever put brandy on a dummy ? ?

    • Wait till they get to teenagers, will she turn to her so called friends. Who by then the novelty will have worn off.

    • Wow. What a shame she feels like she does. Did she have such a bad experience when she was a baby that has been Impregnated into her brain. She will realize, and I hope it’s not too late, that grandparents are the best. They come cleanup the house, they make dinners, they pick up kids from kindy or even have them when they are sick and mum and dad are working. Yes times have changed. I’m 63 and last year looked after my two grandees so their mums could go back to work four days a week. Now I do it two days a week it’s a pretty exhausting job with all the commitments we have today. The close times I have and the unconditional love we have for our grandees can’t be put into words. I sympathize with this girls parents as they. Luke give her do much support. I believe babies shouldn’t come with a book like most do today. Yes we winged a lot of things as any first time mum does. But sleeping on pillows, dunking dummy in brandy – old wives tails. I like to think my two daughters are happy for me to have the grandees and tight from day one I respected how they wanted me to care for their babies. And I have to say it isn’t always easy especially as one is dairy wheat and gluten intolerant. All this girl has yo do is talk to her parents and tell them this is the way I like to care for my precious wee bundle and they will do it. They don’t want all this scuds me “bullshit” they love their grandee unconditionally.

  3. Thankfully my girls didn’t think like that! All I can say is what goes round comes back. Wait till she is the grandmother!

  4. Stupid woman, whenever we babysit we go by what the parents want us to do, it’s not hard

    • Tess Penney  

      I think she`s a selfish cow .

  5. What a selfish ego.maniac…she obviously knows more than anyone on the planet about raising a baby…after all she is the only person to ever have one.
    The hurt she’s inflicting on her parents is unforgivable

  6. I don’t know I think there’s more in it than she’s saying she obversely have a beef with the way she was brought up she needs to be truthful to her parents

  7. I had my children in the 1980’s and certainly didn’t do those things she’s thinking of the 50’s and 60’s my daughter in law told me we now sleep babies on their back and I said ok by the way I never used a dummy

    • Why were the fifties and sixties always deemed to be inhabited by stupid people my mother successfully raised 3 chilren(born 43,48,and51.) Without any of the arrant nonesense that she talks about…my two daughters were born 65 and 66 and again none of the stupidity she talks of…we recieved goid sensible healthy advice from the baby health nursing sisters methinks she consults to much Dr Google and the Wikepedia science lab and truly does not understand what she reads.

    • I had my two in the early 60’s. Nurse used to say drink stout to increase milk supply and benefit the child. I didn’t as I didn’t like beer. They didn’t have dummies either.

    • Paula  

      I raised 1 child in the 60″s and he had a dummy, but it was never dipped in brandy or sugar. He was never given anything to put him to sleep, He had a small pillow made from tree’s, the bark I think, cannot remember the name, but it was perfectly safe. I thjnk if you check deaths from SIDS and other infant causes they are no higher then than now. I feel this Mother, and I use the term loosely, has a beef to grind with her parents. Why will she not identify herself. My 2nd child was a child of the 70’s as was the 3rd, things did change and all new mothers I assume went along with them, I did, I did not want to harm any of my children. As for being given alchohol to produce milk, OMG. I had my first in a Cottage hospital and 1 irish midwife believed in mothers having a very small tott of Guiness for making milk. I didn’t like Guiness so I did not have it. We could also make choices in those days.

    • I didn’t mean they all did that but I do remember being shocked when I saw someone breastfeeding and I remember my younger cousins having dummies with honey on them must admit I’ve never heard of the brandy bit or drinking beer to enhance milk supply In the UK during WW2 women were told to drink stout because of a food shortage a long time before this woman’s parents were parenting

    • Stout is supposed to be a source of iron abd a woman has monthly blood loss and subsequently when living on the type of diet that was available in wartime Britian an iron definency was quite on the cards and things like liver and iron rich red meat were seriously limited thus the recommendation to drink stout.

    • Stout was recommended to help mothers relax & let milk down. It was also an easy source of iron in those days.

    • Too much lying down on there backs and they can end up with a flat head. And I didn’t know any babies in my day that had flat heads

    • Gee she wouldn’t like hospitals back in the 70 when you could smoke in your rooms with babies around mine are healthy this girl needs a reality check plus all my kids had dummy’s until the age of three

    • When I told my daughter in law about sleeping my babies (one now her husband) on their fronts as that was what was advised she reacted with amusement. She is a lovely young woman and I trusts us both with my grandchildren. I think she and my son are great parents.

  8. tell the daughter to do what ever with the kid …..and right her out of your will …..cliffpost

  9. Does this women think she raised her self? Your mother did you stupid women, grow up your mother is not going to do anything to harm your son.

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