This woman’s rant about her child’s grandparents has made us very very ANGRY!

It’s not often we get hot under the collar here at Starts at 60, but an article published on a

It’s not often we get hot under the collar here at Starts at 60, but an article published on a popular parenting blog recently has us fuming. What’s worse, it’s been shared more than 1500 times!

Writing anonymously, a young mother says her four-month-old baby’s grandparents are “practically breaking into” their home because they want to… babysit him.

She goes on to say they have been “begging” since he was born and that she has made numerous excuses to turn them down.


The mother writes, “I don’t trust them. I don’t trust them to look after my precious little boy safely.

“In my opinion, there is a big generational difference in looking after babies.

“Back in my parent’s baby days, they would sleep babies on their stomachs or sides. They would prop their little heads on pillows and wrap them with loose blankets that went over their heads to keep them warm.

“They would pop their dummy in a little brandy to get them to sleep through the night and stop crying. They would give them water thinking the baby was thirsty. They would chug beer to increase their breast milk supply.”

The author claims she has tried talking to her parents about today’s safety recommendations but that her parents won’t listen. She says she worries that, should she leave them alone with her baby, they will rush to dip the dummy in brandy to “prove” they know better than any “parenting expert”.

It should be noted at this point that the woman says she has no problem leaving her baby with her friends, even if they don’t have children, but still doesn’t trust her own mother who raised four children!

This is ageism at its worst. Does she think her child’s grandparents can’t listen? Can’t take direction from someone younger? Are too doddery to remember there’s a child in a bassinet somewhere?

Do you think this woman is being unfair on her parents? Have you ever felt your grandchild’s parents didn’t trust you to look after their baby? Do you think parents are a little dramatic these days?