Get your spring herb garden growing with this easy guide!

One of the things I love most about spring is the abundance of new growth in my garden. Some of the things I love are the colours getting stronger, the plants are more luscious, and most importantly, my garden starts to give me beautifully fresh produce.


One of my favourite things to grow are herbs. They take surprisingly little effort to maintain, they are incredibly useful because they can be added to anything and it is super easy to get started.  So, to help you enjoy the same goods from the garden that I do, here is a little guide on how to get your herb garden started this spring.


1. Set up the herb garden

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You need to source a garden bed or several small pots that you can use to house the garden. Find a suitable place to set it up. Herbs need lots of sun so somewhere that catches most of the sun during daylight hours is ideal. Get some free-draining potting soil and make sure the garden bed or pots have provisions for good drainage.


2. Choose your herbs

You need to choose herbs that you would like to have in your garden. These are some of our favourites for planting in spring:

Coriander: A bright and bold flavor, this is often added to Indian, Mexican and Vietnamese dishes.

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Mint: The cool and refreshing flavor of mint makes it a great pair with many hot and spicy dishes.

Parsley: This is one of the most widely grown herbs. It tastes great with anything and is easy to grow and maintain. Plant seedlings about 4 inches apart to get thick, bushy and full growth.

Basil: Basil is a beautiful herb especially when used in Italian dishes. Make sure it is well watered and receives ample sunlight.

Chives: With a mild onion flavour, Chives work well with nearly any food. Sow seeds in clumps to get the best bushes.

Sage: Sage gives any dish a great kick and it is easy to grow. It is better to use cuttings from an established plant rather than new seeds to ensure good health.

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Rosemary: This is one of the best herbs for meat and fish dishes. It tastes great when worked in with salt and lemon.

Dill: Dill blends well with cheeses, fish and vegetable dishes. It grows well with generous sunlight.


3. Get planting

Herbs are well-compacted little plants so you can grow many in a small space without needing to worry about them. Plant the seedlings between two and four centimetres under the surface and keep them well watered and in good sunlight until they begin to sprout.

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What makes a great idea is creating little picket signs to indicate which herb is which. This way no one will get confused when you ask them to clip some!

Herb gardens are a wonderful way to brighten up your garden, your home and your cooking, so try making one today!


Have you got a herb garden? What do you grow? Tell us in the comments below…