Gasp! Cadbury to change the Fruit and Nut Bar recipe

Raisins and almonds sit at the core of Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut bar that we have, for our whole lives enjoyed… Well, not anymore. Apparently Cadbury is changing the recipe for the legendary bar 90 years after it was launched, thumbing its nose at history and phasing in the new recipe.

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Sultanas are going to be added to the mix of the bar which was launched in 1926, something that has apparently never before happened. Sounds like a cost cutting measure to us, but Cadbury’s have made statements saying it is not about saving money. Instead they say they have run consumer taste testing and that people didn’t notice the difference. The bar will apparently stay the same size and weight on the shelf, despite the challenging cocoa pricing that just keeps escalating.

Cadbury’s PR spokesperson said to the media “While raisins have actually traditionally been the ‘fruit’ of Cadbury Fruit and Nut, sultanas have been brought into the fold to add more variation.

“It’s important we have a flexible supply of the dried fruit we use in our famous Fruit and Nut bars to both retain quality and ensure it’s still an affordable treat.”

Would you notice the difference between a raisin and a sultana?