You know you’re an Aldi shopper when…

Do you love shopping at Aldi? Who doesn’t! It can be a bit of an interesting experience, to say the

Do you love shopping at Aldi? Who doesn’t! It can be a bit of an interesting experience, to say the least – but what really makes a true Aldi shopper?

See how many of these you can relate to and tell us what else you’d add!

1. You have a practised eye for the best cardboard box to put your shopping in

2. You wait outside on a Wednesday or Saturday morning for the new catalogue items to be released.

3. You know that it’s physically impossible to only buy one thing

4. You have bought presents there for people…and they knew.

5. You know the Aldi brand name equivalent to every Coles/Woolies product

6. You have developed a serious addiction to at least one brand of chocolate you’d never previously heard of

7. You are a master at bagging as the cashier scans – no packing bench for you!

8. You have more than one Aldi trolley keyring

9. You’d rather do a full shop there than do half-half at Aldi and Coles/Woolies

10. IGA who?

11. You’ve tried the face creams and all the beauty products

12. You’d never admit items you don’t like from Aldi

13. You know the staff by their first names

14. If they had a loyalty card, you’d be their top shopper.

15. You don’t need the paper catalogue, you’re already on the email newsletter!

  1. Cherry Smylie  

    still waiting for Aldi to open in WA

    • Maggi  

      According to local Newspaper 1st shop is at Belmont and opening on 8th June, I may wait a few days for the crowd to thin out.

  2. colin  

    I avoid Aldi. don’t understand why people say they are so cheap, They are not as their packaging is usually smaller. Also I prefer NOT to use stores where all profits go overseas

    • Carole Farrawell  

      The workers are in Australia & pay taxes a lot of products are Australian delivery trucks are bought in Australia truck drivers are Australian workers . They are cheaper because they are not greedy profit takers , not to mention the stores they build making jobs for Australians what about the materials for the buildings or do you think this all comes from overseas. Good luck to you if you have a well paid job we did too before we retired on a pension we also had a mortgage to buy our home at 18% yes that’s right 18% from a bank l wish we could that % on our savings we wouldn’t need a age pension.

  3. J.Loehr  

    colin tell me wich store does not send there profit overseeas? bet you cant

  4. Julianne Worrall  

    I love my Aldi there are a lot of items in Aldi that are better and cheaper than the other major stores. The othe stores have loyalties that are just rip-offs. So I find Aldi’s wonderful always have surprise items.LOVE YOU ALDI.

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