When your kids pull a fast one

Janet was in the kitchen packing a lunch for her son to take to school.  She was unsure about what

Janet was in the kitchen packing a lunch for her son to take to school.  She was unsure about what to put in it when her son walked into the kitchen.

“Eric, what do you want for lunch today?” she asked him.

Eric thought for a bit before saying, “I’d like more than yesterday because I was still hungry in the afternoon.”

Confused Janet said, “But your orange was still in your lunch bag when you came home.  How come you didn’t eat that?”

Again Eric thought for a bit. “Well,” he started, “because I was full.”

Now utterly confused Janet tried to clear it up.  “So you want more food for your lunch because you are still hungry in the afternoons but less lunch because you were too full to eat your orange?” she asked.

“Yes.” he said.

“So the same as yesterday?” she asked slight defeated.

“Yes,” he said and walked away.  Janet couldn’t shake the feeling that she had just lost a game she didn’t know she was playing.


It was a lazy Saturday morning for Melissa’s teenage daughter, Kate, or at least it would be if she could get her way.

“Kate!  It’s time to get up,” she yelled.

“Muuuum, it’s early.  Let me sleep,” Kate bellowed from under her blanket.

“It’s 10 in the morning,” Melissa said.

“It’s Saturday not before noon,” Kate sighed.

“You said you would mow the lawn for your Dad while he was visiting Nana.” Melissa hated to nag, but if you make a promise, you should keep it.

Kate sat straight up in bed with a smile. “Actually, Mum.  I want to play like we used to,” she said.

Taken aback, Melissa smiled because she thought those days were long gone.  “Oh, okay,” she stammered, “What do you want to play?”

“Let’s play pretend,” Kate excitedly said.

“Sounds fun, let’s do it.” Melissa thought this was a great idea.

“Yeah, we’ll play Mummy and Daddy.  I’ll be Mummy, and you can be Daddy,” said Kate.

“Great,” said Melissa, “What should we do first?”

“Well, honey, once you’ve mowed the lawn I’ll make you a nice cuppa tea, but try to keep it down.  Our darling daughter, Kate, is trying to rest.”