This man says what we’re all thinking about the latest app craze

The latest phenomenon to take over the world, with nearly 10 million fans, is Pokémon Go. The many benefits of

The latest phenomenon to take over the world, with nearly 10 million fans, is Pokémon Go. The many benefits of this Augmented Reality app being touted include its ability to make people exercise and be more social (by going on a hunt in groups for animal-like creatures). While it has many fans, just like all popular things, there’s bound to be a few people who are not such fans.

An Aussie Reddit user, DrJoel, had this to say regarding the game:

“So, regarding Pokemon Go: This whole thing is getting out of hand. The other night I saw guys from Team Red and Team Blue (DRESSED UP IN COSTUMES!) wasting frigging hours walking (and sometimes running) around a park, fighting for control of a stupid little creature.

At times they were actually pushing each other out of the way in a desperate attempt to win at a completely made up game that is, to me, purely a commercial money grabbing exercise. What’s even more ridiculous is that there were people there watching WHO WEREN’T EVEN PLAYING, but were just standing around and jeering whenever their chosen side happened to win more often.

It all just seemed so completely pointless and contrived – and I just can’t help but think, doesn’t everyone have something better to do with their lives?

So, anyway, my point is that we finally turned off the State of Origin football match and decided to go out and hunt some Pokemon instead, which was really fun and a good social activity.”

However, one of the things that’s making everyone laugh right now was the person who left this note on their door, who is definitely not a fan:

The tweet was met with some hilarious reactions, including the user that tried to convince the person to join the game:

The user that complained about being a part of the game:

And the user that was a champion of the cause, even if it meant laughing at other people’s expense:


What do you think about this craze?

  1. Daniel baxter  

    Getting out to excercise is great but you have to be a moron that needs a silly game to do what is natural put one foot in front of the other people get a life stop invading other space and grow up

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