The funniest Australian laws: Have you broken any?

Most of us know the basic laws of our state and country, but did you know there are a lot

Most of us know the basic laws of our state and country, but did you know there are a lot of laws that still stand today that many of us may have broken?

Take a look at this hilarious list and tell us, which have you been guilty of?

1. It is illegal for children to purchase alcohol, cigarettes or condoms, but they are not prohibited from using them.

2. It is illegal to leave your car keys inside a vehicle that is unattended.

3. Walking on the right hand side of the road in Australia is illegal, even if you are walking on a footpath.

4. According to Vagrancy Act of 1966, you can be arrested for being near or inside a house that is used by thieves regularly.

5. Bars are supposed to have a stable, water and they should feed the horses that come with patrons.

6. If you are advertising a reward for finding lost or stolen objects, the advertisement must include a statement that no questions will be asked.

7. A recently passed law makes it illegal to come closer than one hundred metres from where a carcass of a dead whale is.

8. Changing a light bulb can get you into trouble with the law as only licensed electricians are allowed to change a light bulb even in private residence.

9. In Melbourne, vacuuming your house between 10pm and 7am during weekdays and 10pm and 9am during the weekends is against the law.

10. According to Summary Offenses Act of 1966, being heard by someone singing an obscene song can land you into trouble with the law

It is illegal to roam the streets wearing black clothes, felt shoes and black shoe polish on your face as these items are the tools of a cat burglar.

11. Taxi cabs are required to carry a bale of hay in the boot.

12. It is illegal to wear hot pink pants after midday Sunday.

Which of these have you broken!? Let’s have a laugh today…

    • Arthur  

      Why would you want this law enforced ? It’s the correct side of the road to walk on as you can watch the oncoming traffic rather than looking over your shoulder in case you may get hit!

      • Brian  

        Number 3 is a daft law anyway, after all, both sides of the road are on the right, depending on which way you’re walking,

      • TG  

        Yes. I could not believe the walking beside the road law. I remember being taught to walk on the right, to face oncoming traffic. I also knew a young woman killed, going for a walk with her friend. They were walking on the left, and one of the young women got hit by a speeding car.

  1. Well…I’ve broken 2 of them!!!!! Changing Light Bulbs and walking up the Right side of the road…OH MY…I hope noone finds out, or I could be put away for years!! hahahaha

  2. I can promise I will not be wearing pink hot pants on a Sunday or any day and since I don’t have a horse he won’t need a drink

  3. Guess I pack my pink hot pants away, they will the be same chest as the horse and the black shoe polish for my face

  4. Well I won’t stand outside the Parliament house or Kirribilli house if number 4 is correct. Haha

  5. There I’s a law the police can tell young people too get of the street and go home if wandering with no money. As they may have wrong intent.

  6. There was a law or hearsay that one is not too open car door onto road side. But must get out passenger door.

    • That’s just common sense. Here in Qld (can’t speak for other states) it’s not illegal, but if your door gets hit by a car than you’re the one at fault as you aren’t allowed to open it into oncoming traffic unless it’s safe to do so.

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